Begin removing bribes from Indian Education


We endorse the Begin removing bribes from Indian Education Petition to Those who make laws for India as well as to those who interpret and enforce them.

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  Name Comments Country of Residence
1848.Sham Yemul Yes, we need to remove corruption from EducationIndian
1847.Saravanan Govindaraju
1846.Ravi sashank Yellelli US
1845.kiran uppalapati India
1844.Padmanabha Pradeep Chavvakula I belive lack of education is one of the prime reasons for poverty in India. EDUCATE to eradicate PovertyUSA
1843.Mahabaleshwar Hegde
1842.Amit Kulkarni
1841.Muthuram R Murukan Kuwait
1840.Aumlan Guha I endorse this whole heartedly
1839.Jayanta Chatterjee Govt is not sincere to reform basic educationColumbus, OH, USA
1838.Usha I have decided to homeschool my daughter
1837.Sourav Ghosh I completely support this petition for removing all sorts of bribes from Indian system. These squarely block progress of our country.UK
1836.Kushal Singh Permit home/private schooling without restrictions with entrance tests in core subjects for secondary and higher education. Stop free education in all cases where parents have more than two children without consideration to their financial conditions. 
1835.Vijay Lohitsa
1834.Vijay Kumar kaul Just scraping the out dated laws can make a real difference
1833.Ron Fogaros kill all bribes i n and out of countryUnited States
1832.Shad Shahid Homeschooling is the right of every childIndia
1831.Dinesh Solanki I fully support this petition. Please forward this to your Indian friends for supportUK
1830.Nilesh J Paun Though it is late, it is never too lateIndia
1829.Pravin Dodia India
1828.Dr. Ravi Rajwanshi I support the Petition. Corruption is one of the main cause for the backwardness of India. It needs to be uprooted for over all development of our country.India
1827.Raja sekhara Reddy kETHU I pray it will happenUK
1826.U S Pandey I support the petitionIndia
1825.Manish Bhatt noIndian
1824.DILPREET india
1823.Mukund Giri Gangtok,Sikkim India
1822.NA This petition is joke. Dear DM Joshi - you need to wake up and smell coffee. Such petitions are useless.
1820.dr narayanrao I apprciateIndia
1819.Chan Pancholi This should have been thought much earlierU.K.
1818.B J Mistry USA
1817.siva reddy
1816.G. A. Patel Everybody should support this pitition,some thing to be also should done to support those who are against the bribe, as they are in minority, they always in fear to fight.Baroda, India
1815.Professor Atulya Nagar
1814.Abhay Bulsari
1813.Binay Kumar Pathak India
1812.Rabindranath Mukhopadhyay It is an innovative attempt. It deserves support.India
1811.Dr. Bhupinder Chaudhary I strongly support the causeIndia
1810.Dr. A K Mathur I agree with the viewsIndia
1809.arunkumar good initiative and nice thoughts, when we were child we use to fear our parents then our teachers, so if parents start eductaing their childs then childrens will do study. I though have one question, today when i sit alone i remember my school days and say those were the days which i want back, this feeling will not be there with our childrens and i dont want my child to say me that you experienced the school life and you took that from my life, so i want that there should be schools and it rights of every child, which should not be taken from them. I am with you kids, enjoy because there should be some memories which you recall and laugh and cry and remember those days, those friends, those teachers, those classes, those masti fulltoooindia
1808.Gopal Krishna Mehrotra  India
1807.Achutha Madhankumar  USA
1806.Dr.bhat Satish   
1805.Vikas Bulani   
1804.Dr. Pradeep Kumar I wholeheartedly agreeKerala, India
1803.Dr Rao S Vummethala  India
1801.Sanjay Jhingan Education should be non-profit and responsibility of state.
1800.Luke Chamandy India
1799.Dr Sanjay K. Pandey we must go aheadIndia
1798.Dr. Channa Raju India
1797.Muralidharan A I agreeIndia
1796.Sad.K.R.P I endorse the cause India
1795.Dr. Ram Kumar India
1794.Ramachandra Rao Adabala Restructuring Edu system is requiredIndia
1793.KK Sahu Dead against corruption. A corrupt person should be treated and punished like a TERRORISTIndia
1792.A. Mandhyan We should uproot corruption in every form of life
1791.I B MISHRA One should always be ready for raising the voice for right causeINDIA
1790.Sailesh Mishra Yes there should be no corruption in Education system.Indian government has now made primary education compulsory,so we all should see that there is no corruption.Its also responsibility of Civil Society and should not blame goverment always.India
1789.Chandresh Prakash I wholly agree. It is up to the student and his parent to decide what works best for them.India
1788.Kumar Rajnish Corruption and business attitude toward primary education is crush for Indian societyIndia
1787.Dr. M. K. Tiwari An alternate system of educating the children along the lines suggested and with some more modifications must be initiated. Only this will enable exploitation of full potential of all children. I strongly believe each child has a unique talent. The present homogenized system of education can not help parents in identifying this talent and nurture it as child grows so that he can give his/her best to the society and the nation and also lead a more gratifying life. I would like to engage in dialogue with like minded persons to share my ideas on a better education system. I am a well established scientist.India
1786.P.S.L.Narasimham India
1785.Darshan Parmar Must get rid of taking & giving bribeIndia
1784.Chandrama Prakash Upadhyaya India
1783.S R K Rao Corruption must go from Indian Education. India
1782.kulwant gujral bribery has established deep roots in every walk of indian life.united kingdom
1781.Bharat Doshi you are right. it is a good stepfrance
1780.Dr. V. T. Chitnis I fully support this petitionIndia
1779.Vikrant Just a petition may not work. We need to adopt it in our lives to make a difference !India
1778.Bharatram India
1776.Dr.B.D.Gupta India
1775.Pramod Ekbote Excellent
1774.Rudi Heredia India
1773.Dr. Sushil Kr. Haldar This is the right step in right time towards eradication of corruption from Education SectorIndia
1772.Thaman Singh Dain Bribes of any form are unacceptable. It is the human mind that needs educating regarding the ill-effects of this illegal practice.Malaysia
1771.Vasuben Shah   
1770.Jitendra Brahmbhatt agreedINDIA
1769.Dilip Chandulal India
1768.Nilesh Joshi fully support removing bribes from Indian Education UK
1767.Shama Khan Yes I, too support against bribery in schoolsBhopal(M.P)India
1766.Vijay Dharia A great move in the direction of removing bribes from Indian Education.USA
1765.Rajan Shah INDIA
1764.Pranav Dinesh Shah I support this mission Signed on 6-Jul-09India
1763.shirish dave Impart education is a missionUSA
1762.deepak parmar India
1761.mona patel india
1760.jagdish patel I agree with your views. I am into such activities and was surprised to see all these in our country.UK. Visits India for such activity.
1759.Girish Desai united States
1758.NANJUND Should be remove I am with this alwaysIndia
1757.Anil Pradhan India
1756.Cynthia Stephen Corruption is the bane of progress in IndiaIndia
1753.Maya S. Such a move is much relevantIndia
1752.Waliullah Ahmed Laskar This is a very timely move worth supporting, because corruption in India is one the root causes of all evils plaguing the nationIndia
1751.Swapnil Garg India
1750.Dr. rajiv K. Gupta well done, also raise issue of division of indian masses by spreading castiesm despite mahatma gandhi and DR ambedkar were of view to stop division on castes.Even after passing more than 60 years from independence political leaders are spreding this epidemic by way of reservation on caste basis rather to all weaker section irrespective of their casteIndia
1748.Madhusree Chatterjee I agree with the campaign India
1747.Jyothi Pulipaka USA
1746.Pawan  India
1745.Harnish V Darji India
1744.Afroz Baig This education industry is growing wihout any reccesionIndia
1743.Iqbal Baig This is our rot education system even the goddes of wisdom will be ashamed of itIndia
1742.Ms. Debashree Sarkar
1741.KSS Nair
1740.Dr Mallika Sarabhai good startindia
1739.Barin Mehta Corruption leads India to stop the way of TRUE INDIAINDIA
1738.vidarbha jan andolan samiti indian
1737.K J Patel Corruption is a cancer and a blot on humanityUK
1736.Maheshchandra Naik I strogly support the petitionCanada
1735.Tushar bhatt NoneIndia
1734.Mota51 Making (or removing) law would be a good beginingIndia - Ahmedabad
1733.Chintan Mehta  India
1732.Siraj Patel Reforms are essential.Petition author needs to be congratulatedUnited Kingdom
1731.Vatti Sambasiva please avoid unhealthy competetion in education, i prefer home schooling system.india
1730.Kris Dev Introduce total transparency and accountabilityIndia
1729.Samir Pathak India
1728.Soumodeep Jail those who take bribesCanada
1727.Dr Nilesh Yes we should act in a concerted manner
1726.Dr. Shashikant Shah good movementIndia
1725.Francis Parmar As far as I know one has the option of opting for external High School graduation without attending a school. However, it needs to be given prestige and wider acceptance and hence I do endorse the moveIndia
1724.rkpatel New Zealand
1723.Bipin dalal it's about time we become proud Indians again!USA
1722.DrSumant Kulshreshtha We should overcome this great EVIL a.s.a.p for the welfare of Humankind and especially all the Knwoledge seekers.INDIA
1721.Dr. Kautilya Shukla It is a hard task, but one should tryIndia, Australia
1720.Dr. Ranjeet Singh. UK.
1719.Shiv Akumala
1718.Deva Sarran One People, One Nation, One Destiny, One Law, One Civil Code, only then India can be called a Nation whether secular or Hindu state. At the moment India is an uneducated Child.arUK
1717.Praveen Patibandla India
1716.Seshu Parvataneni
1715.Rajendra P. Kadakia USA
1714.Bipin Shroff Good Participatory Movement
1713.Pranay Palni
1712.Vichitra Anand India
1711.Pankaj S. Joshi One of the most important issuesIndia
1710.Suraj Reddy   
1708.Swati Das Canada
1706.Suraj Verma
1705.Shelly Verma I think its a good step taken against the bribes in education sectorCanada
1704.Niraj Sinha I fully support this initiative.USA
1703.Neha India
1702.Raghav Malik
1701.Madhavi Canada
1700.Hitesh T Thanki "Strength is Life, Weakness is Death"India
1699.hp Canada
1698.Dharmesh Vyas It's required....Go ahead...UAE
1697.Anshu Jain Yes, this is undoubtly a step in the right direction.It is quite shamful that people in the highest posts set bad examples and earn bad "karamaa" ruining the developement of their country and their character.USA
1696.Vinutha Honolulu, USA
1695.A.V,Satyanarayanan It stinksUSA
1694.Joseph Rathinam It is a wonderful service to the nation and the future generations. I am happy to be associated with you and the service and I assure you of my closest association with you. With this dream, I also have started a movement called "CHILDREN PARLIAMENT" in India and various other countries and the details of which is available to you and any one who is interested in this concept on mailing me the request.India
1693.S.D.Joseph It is a noble Cause. I stand by your side to eradicate the sin of Curruption.India
1692.Chiradeep Majumdar Indian education is screwed should be changed completely.
1691.Aravind India
1690.Jayalakshmi Susarla Sincerely hope the system is cleansed.India
1689.sharad wagle USA
1688.Sailesh Mishra Very Good InitiativeIndia
1687.Arvind Patel bribes lenewaalo ko hataao.United Kingdom
1686.Jothi Devaraj
1685.Porpavai Kasiannan   
1684.Supriya Singla The only thing that we need is a healthy corruption-free infrastucture in India.Australia
1682.DeepeshPC India
1681.Kanakalata N India
1680.Senthilpavai Kasiannan Australia
1679.Dr. Leo Rebello, World Peace Envoy India
1677.Abeer Dey Removal of corruption in every sphere is vital for the development of our country.India
1676.Narayanan.R.Sampangi New Zealand
1675.Yogeshwar K
1674.Milap Choraria I am fully supporting itIndia
1673.Vikesh Agarwal Corruption is the only thing that is spoiling IndiaIndia
1672.Varun Choudary Pinnamaneni United States
1671.Rohit I appreciate the steps taken by the person for "throwing light" on reality of indian education instead of IIT's and IIM's who get undue attention.USA, India
1670.Navin A
1669.Dr. Nisha Desai Please also sign the petition at India
1668.vikas r I second this proposal
1667.Dr. Leo Rebello Very good initiative. My full support to fight this evil in the education where children learn A is Admission, B is for Bribe, C is for Corruption, D is for Donation, E is for Erratic Education, etc.India
1666.FARID-UL-HASSAN great job india (mumbai)
1665.Robin Viegas India
1664.Roldao Silveira Yes, we need to improve our educational systemKuwait
1662.Puneet Pant India
1661.Abraham Gurgoan, haryana
1660.Suhaib Ahmad Pakistan
1659.Shaikh Pervez President KEY FOUNDATION [INDIA]India
1658.Shaikh Pervez President KEY FOUNDATION [INDIA]India
1656.Gunjan Bribes have to be completely eradicated atleast from the education arena. I am not sure whether in home education will be good for childrren,I would definitely like to see children studying in schools rather than at home. India
1655.Mallison Francoise France
1654.laxmipathi  india
1653.Professor Bill Rao Australia
1652.Jayeshbhai Pravinbhai Talati All govt. granted Private schools also should have standard pay package across the region and monthly salary has to be released on the monthly performance of the teachers to be assessed on teaching and communication skills. India
1650.Mahesh Trivedi
1649.Srinivas Suraparaju USA
1648.Aravind S USA
1647.Rakhee Bhattacharya Highly depressing to read about my country. We need to change.India
1646.Ananda Mohan
1645.Lakshmi Varadaraj Australia
1644.Dr. Anila Sadananda Australia
1643.Kogi Naidoo Australia
1642.Mohan Vg   
1641.Debjani Das
1640.PRAMODH lets do it :-)
1639.Ranjani I agree
1638.Ayes Sudhakar Australia
1636.Sylvie Lachapelle fully supported by MESaint-Robert, Quebec, Canada
1635.Revathy S A Good Mission...Lets Join Hands to Make it Happen!!!Australia
1634.Prayag Datt
1633.Debashish Australia
1632.Jyotika Taneja If you want India to truly shine, then you have to educate India in a true senseAustralia
1631.soumya United states
1629.Amardeep Kaur I appreciate the step taken by the person in bringing the issue in front of law by moving this petitionUSA
1628.Shilpa Australia
1627.Dsuh  India
1626.Santosh australia
1625.Gursharn Singh Good WorkUnited States
1624.Tejaswini USA
1623.Bhanu Sateesh Tadinada I can see what potential changes like these have for India and am very much looking forward to it!
1622.A K Agrawal
1621.Dushyant Chauhan India
1620.Payal Pandya India
1619.RAJESH DUDHANI I support the petition very stronglyAustralia
1618.Shveta Pandiancherri A quality education should be experienced equally by all, not just the privledged!Australia
1617.Piush Shah
1616.j kaur Australia
1615.Chaitanya Cherakupally Wanna See INDIA as Super Power before I die 
1614.Babu Srinivas Very good initiative for the future of IndiaAustralia
1613.Kumar Ramachandran Remove corruption for a free societyAustralia
1612.Indira Priyadarshini Dugganapally
1611.Ami Patel
1609.Satish USA
1608.Mita Patel
1607.rama krishna rongala whethe country only changes when its people changes. Hence the change should start from the view we deal with our problems. May God Bless INDIA with wealth and richesUSA
1606.Nitin Jain USA
1605.Dinesh Prabhu USA
1603.Nilesh Vyas fantastic step to removing bribes from indian educationUAE
1602.Srikant Jivarajani This is unthinkable ! Let us quickly change !!India
1601.Rohan Muthanna Kuwait
1600.Shaival Patel USA
1599.Srinija Konduru United States
1598.kunal desai United states of America
1597.kunal United states of America
1596.Ninad Gujar United States
1594.Vivek Sahu
1592.srinivas require change in societyINDIA
1590.prakash viswanathan India
1589.Syed Home schooling should be allowed, no matter what in any part of the World, and what concerns Indian education system when top US schools such as Harvard has no problem with homeschooled graduate children. Being raised in India its not a surprise to know that instead of blood curruption flows in almost all political systems & political figures in India but I request Indian Eductation System to give homeschooling a chance and see its advantages comparatively with the current system of education which is way behind when compare to any Western nations curriculum. Thanks, Syed from Chicago, IllinoisUnited States
1588.Shelley K. Dhillon
1587.Revathi Murthy
1586.sudhakar pipavath
1583.sandeep no more red tape corrupt bureaucracyUnited States
1582.Rita Bhat USA
1581.vivek USA
1580.Amar Subramanian, MD United States
1579.Makarand Karmarkar
1578.Priyadharshini Vijayakumar US
1577.Aman Verma USA
1576.Madhur Tulsiani  USA
1575.Vicky Mahodaya  United States
1574.Amitabh Singh United States
1573.Sridevi Krishnan
1572.Jonathan K
1571.Yogeshwer Sharma USA
1570.Malik Kabir United States of America
1569.Doranee Ramnarine Stop this brides and have them educatedUnited States of America
1568.Subhashree Rangarajan
1567.Siddhit Sanghavi India
1566.Rahul Shrivastav bribes in education: yes unfortunately they do exist and now there is a voice to destroy that systemUSA
1565.v b batra india
1564.Prachi United States
1563.ashish sinha USA
1561.Shruti Patil
1560.Ramesh Srigiriraju It's about time...USA
1559.Srikanth -USA
1558.balaji naidu I support this educational propogandaUS
1557.Deepak Chandran I am certain that there are plenty of people who are interested in this effort. The only reason they may not sign up is because they might be thinking whether this is just a hoax. Build a small team and do something that will show everyone else that this is not a hoax.USA
1556.Aarthi Kumar
1553.Ankit Shah USA
1552.Arvind Bhasker united states
1551.Aditya Kamat USA
1550.nadeem INDIA
1549.Lalitha Bhaskar USA
1548.Kuldeep Deshmukh USA
1547.Sohag Desai I believe India should invest heavily in quality primary (K-12) education as well as in Tier 2 and Tier 3 higher level educational institutions. I am from IIT, yet I feel too much attention has been placed on educational institutions like IIT, IIM, IISc, ISB etc. which no doubt are world class. In order to build a world class educational infrastructure we need to look towards the US where even a graduate of a community college can be hired into a Fortune 500 company because the level of education is high enough that he/she doesn't really fall short in the essentials compared to someone from an Ivy League University. So I support any initiative that reduces corruption in Indian education and helps build a better-educated India.USA
1546.Damanjit USA
1545.Raghavendra USA
1544.Navyash Gupta USA
1543.Mahesh Patel please allow these children to get the home schooled education they need.India
1542.Ajay Joshi
1541.Abhitab USA
1540.Yogesh Kumthekar
1538.Prasad Malladi  USA
1537.Venkata Suresh Reddy Guthikonda It is wrong to say that one person can be educated only in particular way. Freedom should be given to the student to choose in which way he wants to educated.USA
1536.Vinoth It is a good step please proceed with thisINDIA
1535.gaurav sharma US
1534.Dipan Oza
1533.Saransh Chintha   
1532.Prabasi Sur You should pursue it for higher education also where academic mafia and their academic parasites are reigning currentlyIndia
1531.rajesh veerepalli hope this worksUSA
1529.Ramandeep S Buttar very good petition for a better future as education is invaluable !!!!!!United States
1528.Bhakti Mehta
1527.giridhar rao jangati I strongly support the petitionIndia
1526.chitwan US
1525.Venu Komanduri Hope this effort takes offUSA
1524.Nimisha USA
1523.manu india
1522.bhavani shekhawat i myself have witnessed this thing in india but the fact is that no one wants change. I think because people are poor and they have a low salary structure could be a reason behind this.US
1520.Krishna Komanduri
1519.Devendra Bhagat  USA/India
1518.Sonia Bhagat  USA
1517.Beant Hopefully factors like the "qualifications of the parent","time spent teaching" etc will be cosidered and also,this shouldn't lead to a furthr proliferation of tuitionsUSA
1516.balaji shanmugasundaram USA
1515.Bipin C Joshi India
1514.Ankit Bansal India
1513.Ashis Gopal Banerjee I support this endeavor thoroughlyUSA
1512.Rameez Khatri United States
1511.Aditya Paranjape USA
1510.Chandra We, the educated, have to act to kick the A$$ of Corrupt politicians. I hope this begins the process.USA
1509.Shivani USA
1508.Shivani USA
1507.Amrita J. Kaur I strongly Support the PetitionUSA
1506.Amit Prasad bloody typical - most corrupt country in the worldUK
1505.Suresh Patel USA
1504.T.S Vineet Devaiah great job !!USA
1503.Vivek Venkataraman
1502.Varun Shetty USA
1501.mahesh usa
1500.Shivani Shah India
1499.rochan mehta
1497.Srinivas I think it must be left to the choice of a parent to educate the child at school or home. This will help reduce corruption in schools sponssered by government like in any other sector filled with corruption due to government.India
1496.Ajay Mittal UK
1495.Sandhya Dasu USA
1494.Sudha Kannamma Time to put a FULL-STOP to bribe of every sort!!!USA
1493.Marina Hadjisoteriou UK
1492.Remiya Thomas United Kingdom
1491.Nishant Agarwal
1490.Mayank Gandhi
1489.Vinit Shah
1488.Punam Kenth UK
1487.Shruti Arya UK
1486.Vinay Thanki UK
1485.Jaydev Mahadevan
1484.Hersh Reddy USA
1483.Deep Tankha USA
1482.Chirag Shah
1481.Savya Sachi Shukla USA
1480.Sanjay Shukla USA
1479.Shuchi Shukla USA
1478.Chekitan Singh Dev USA
1477.Sanjeet Singh Adarsh   
1476.Jag Bhawan
1475.Ravi Patel
1474.Arjun Pravin I support this petition. India is very corrupt right now and although the situation has improved since 20 - 30 years ago, it is still very bad.
1473.Nikhil Vyas USA
1472.Vinay Thakur USA
1471.Prasanta Kumar Ghosh
1469.Anoop K. P. India
1468.Achintya Kundu
1467.Nithin S
1466.Nishanth Ulhas Nair Bribes and poor quality of teaching is affecting our education badly. Get good teachers by paying them better salaries. Give good facilities for faculty and students for good education. There is high drop out rate from schools and this issue needs to be addressed.India
1465.Dr. Neelesh B. Mehta India
1464.S C Vidya Sagar Jampani India
1463.Pavitra Krishnaswamy  USA
1462.Ms. Mehta
1460.Sudhanshu Patel  India
1459.Ishpreet Singh
1458.Sheetal Joshipura
1457.Sheetal Joshipura
1456.Sudharshana Srinivasan INDIA
1455.Mukundan Sudarsan
1454.Parag Nimishe I fully agree with the your viewsIndia
1453.Shrawan Singh USA
1452.Gokula Krishna G
1451.Ravpreet Bhangoo
1450.Panthini Shah
1449.Prabu Ramachandran usa
1448.Sudha Ayala
1447.Radhika USA
1446.Sharmila Chattopadhyay Its time corruption is removed from such a great country as IndiaUSA
1445.Savita USA
1444.Saurabh Prasad India
1442.Reshma Patel United States of America
1441.Raghav Khandelwal
1440.Ashok Kumar Why not removing bribes from every sphere of lifeUSA
1438.D.P.Vidyarthi There shpuld be an uniform benchmark for both public, and govt. schools for fee structure and donation. India
1437.Kashmira Patel
1435.Pavithra Harsha   
1434.M. Arora USA
1433.Manas  USA
1431.Nakul Jindal India
1430.Navin Kadambi
1428.Arpan Desai I appreciate the initiative by Dr. Joshi to fight corruption in education. However, this doesn't seem to be the best way out of corruption. Its not sane to stop sending ur kids to school because schools are corrupted. If homeschool is made legal, and corruption or bribery is not phased out completely, then it could lead to even more chaotic conditions in education system. Say for example, anybody who hasn't gone to school all their life will bribe the licencing authorities to get the certificate saying that he undergone the homeschooling, though he hasn't taken any education at all. India
1427.Joyesh Mishra Its high time all these should be curbedUSA
1426.Fatima US
1425.Lokesh Make the education pure "without corruption" for better IndiaIndia
1424.Guneeta Singh USA
1423.D H Sastry The country is already heading for disaster and some urgent measures are required to stop the rot.India
1422.Shiva Prakash Srinivasan
1421.Avinash Vyas
1419.Anil Dhingra India
1418.Aparna Dixit India
1417.Sameer Jindal USA
1414.Karthikeyan USA
1413.Arvind Gopu I sincerely hope this petition succeeds.United States.
1412.Dr. Shakti Mehrotra
1411.Parima Patel
1410.S Gill USA
1409.Praveen I agree to thisIndia
1408.Vira Kaur
1407.nidhi kapoor India
1406.S. A. VIRKAR There are many ills and handicaps afflicting the Indian education system. They cannot be detailed in this short space. I am signing this petition because I want to support anyone who wants to work for eradicating corruption from any sector in India.India
1405.Dr. Ritu Bhalla
1404.Pankaj Seth It is deep rooted, lets all of us try to make a differenceIndia
1403.Manoj Kumar Dhanbad,India
1402.M. S. Mohan U.S.A
1401.Anu Virkar
1400.pinky old fashion ways wont work i hope anymoreusa
1399.Varadharajan Ponnappan Lets hope this changes the corruption level in schools.india
1398.Navin Varadarajan USA
1397.Sandeep Kulkarni I agree with the homeschooling optionUSA
1396.sushil patil good ideaUSA
1395.Shailesh Verma USA
1394.Ranjini USA
1393.Sunita Patil USA
1392.Tanaya Ghosh   
1391.Mira Trivedi
1390.Suresh Patil
1389.Sangeetha Varanasi
1388.Rohit Tiwari
1387.Tushar Kesarkar India
1386.Sharada Muthusubramanian India has high cultural value; these thugs in Government take no action against bribery. I certainly support your initiative. USA
1384.K.Thaker I agree, this is absolutely very important issueU S A
1383.K.Thaker I agree, this is absolutely very important issueU S A
1382.Yogi Sharma
1381.Shekhar Srinivasan I support this endeavor to make a difference to the people of IndiaINDIA
1380.Shreya Gandhy
1379.Reena Narula USA
1378.Sheena Saighal
1377.Sriram Soundararajan USA
1376.Sunil Sharma
1375.Priya Sriram India
1374.rajashekar Reddy
1373.rhunmay noindia
1372.rhunnmay india
1371.Kanwaldeep Kaur
1370.Snehal Patel India
1369.somenath das USA
1368.Saryu Patel
1367.Suman Chigurupati Its a fight for a causeUSA
1366.R Raj USA
1365.Satish Agarwal I am strong supporter of anti-bribery move, be it any profession and bribery in educational is most unethical of allIndia
1364.Shantanu Kelkar  India
1363.Rav Ravindran
1362.Manan Kohli India
1360.Jonathan Pillai USA
1358.Raja Gupta USA
1355.Vivek Rao USA
1354.meenal Yes, the corruption should be removed
1353.Radhika krish USA
1352.Neha Sidana USA
1351.Pranav Kumar USA
1350.Sumala Paidi
1348.Ankit Mistry  USA
1346.Parin Pandya
1345.Neha Soni USA
1344.Adarsh Prabhakar This is a great initiative. I feel this small step will help miliions of rural Indian kids to qualify for esteemed universities not only in India but also outside the borders. United States Of America
1343.Shajan Thomas USA
1340.ajay kummar singh india
1339.Mandeep Kaur this is for a great cause. I'm glad someone is finally taking action.USA
1338.Jeremy Beck United States
1337.Siddharth Mukerji
1336.Neelam Goyal
1335.Bharadwaj Gopal United States
1334.Yogesh Mehra The bribe numbers are ridiculously high. If they are true, i am all for this cause.USA
1333.Atul Khasnis I agree. This magnitude of corruption and that too for a fundamental right such as education is very concerning.
1332.Siva Muthukrishnan This corruption of education can affect the law makers and their family, I wish they realise this
1331.Mahasweta Dutt
1330.Srinivas Rahul Midde
1329.Kaushik Veeraraghavan USA
1328.Adarsh Menon USA
1327.Dheeraj Kohli   
1326.Lakshmi USA
1325.shailesh kumar USA
1324.sandeep sinha i support the cozunited kingdom
1323.Kunal Jain
1322.Anand Dhariya India
1321.Mandeep Singh Dhindsa
1320.Lalit K. Awasthi This is a great intiative and I support it.India
1319.Khuhsbu United States
1318.Karthik Natarajan United States
1317.Rakesh Sood India
1316.Natwar Sharma
1315.Parul Jain Bribes for schooling is one of the main reasons that prevents NRIs to return back. I myself think of coming back but am always scared about the admission of my kids in schools in India. Please help us come back.USA
1314.Haimanti Bhattacharya
1313.Harpreet Kaur USA
1312.Gopal Iyer
1311.Deepesh Goyal USA
1310.Janaki Dronamraju   
1309.Ankit Jain US
1308.Indu Rajan USA
1307.Barani Govindarajan U.S.A
1306.Leana May USA
1305.Anubhav Babbar
1304.Gaurav Gupta If the facts and figures are real, I support the just cause of this petition.USA
1303.Giridhar R Babu USA
1302.Dipika Mouli
1301.Sundar Viswanathan This is a great idea and I heartily endorse it.USA
1300.Nagini Devarakonda United States
1299.Rajani Y
1298.Chetan Jain   
1297.Srishti Chugh India
1296.Bhavdeep Bhasin
1295.Amarjot its a must doUSA
1294.abhy kadakia
1293.chintan shah United State of America
1292.BR Deshpande
1291.Shankar P. Bhattacharyya I totally agree with this approach to rooting out corruption and bribery in schools in India.USA
1290.Bhumi P.   
1289.Chetan Kamat
1288.Bhavini Ashwinkumar Shah United States
1286.Praveen Arany I was unaware of the Govt-headed educational eligibility, seems like a vestige of British AutocracyUSA
1285.Ashok Ilankovan
1284.ANOOP KAUL India
1283.Anjali Vora
1282.N. S. Reddy Your efforts are great. We will see a great India soon..Korea
1281.Ashish Gupta
1280.mayank aggarwal
1278.Akansha Chhabra USA
1277.Avanti Adhia USA
1276.Mangal Nagarkar I fully support this petition
1275.VK VERMA Unity is strength,support the petitionIndia
1274.Koushik INDIA
1273.Vinay Goswami Australia
1272.S.K.Mishra India
1271.rakesh mishra India
1270.P.N. Shankar india
1269.nina surange awareness to be created.a good start.INDIA
1268.Sarraju Nadimpalli Parents should be allowed to home school their kidsUSA
1267.Manish Kumar  India
1266.Rajni Kumar India
1265.C. Lakshminarayanan I strongly condemn corruption at all levels.India
1264.dilip australia
1263.Ankur Aggarwal Such things are really heartning to see ...We should work together to change the system.India
1262.B.S. Bhavanishankar India
1261.Syed Aslam  India
1260.mahesh  India
1259.Indranil Biswas  India
1258.Ratnam Chitturi  USA
1257.Hakimi India
1256.Saumendra Bajpai
1255.Dr. Balawant S. Joshi I support wholeheartedly all means of removing bribes and curuption in educational system .USA
1254.Avneesh Gupta India
1253.Neetu Jaiswal USA
1252.Gautam R Desiraju India
1251.DR. PRADEEP AGARWAL Welcome to this initiative. Excellent efforts indeed. We support this wholeheartedly for such a good cause to clean our system which would benefit Young IndiaIndia
1249.Ajit Kapadia Happy to support your untiring effortsIndia
1247.Shashidharan Enarth Canada
1246.Badri Narayanan
1245.Kiran C suresh we shall fight United Arab Emirates
1244.Aditya M USA
1243.Ruchi sharma India
1242.Chintan India
1241.aj when shall our children be off the burdens?? when shall every child in our country be free??india
1240.Ramesh Menon If we straighten the education system in India, then there is hope for a new India. This has to be done first. It is outdated and needs to be restructured. It does not train you well in any vocation. It is not even functional. Education has become more of a business racket in India. It has to get top priority. Otherwise, generations will pay a heavy price.India
1239.Pavan Nair India
1238.Shoma A. Chatterji I wholeheartedly support the petition and all that it containsIndia
1237.Gautam Sengupta  India
1235.stuart john groser Education is one of the most important tools to equip a human being .If we allow bribery we are teaching our kids to be morally bankrupt.India
1234.Farid Dadi   
1233.Leban Serto  India
1232.A.K.Srivastava Good cause !! corruption must go from education systemIndia
1231.Rangarajan I go with it. It removes the root cause for eradicating bribes ineducation system in indiaIndia
1230.umesh rashmi rohatgi ifully support removing bribe in schools and allowing home schooling in IndiaBharat and USA
1229.Amrish Chourasia   
1228.Bavani Ramesh Hope atleast this helps.USA.
1226.Shailesh Kumar Mall  India
1225.Shailesh Kumar MAll  India
1223.Samvedana  India
1222.Anand Free the education systemIndia
1220.Shishir Kumar   
1219.Kh Rajen Singh  India
1218.Sanjaya Kumar Mishra  India
1217.R. B. This is for a good cause, so encourage everybody to sign it.USA
1216.R. B. This is for a good cause, so encourage everybody to sign it.USA
1215.Shakir kazi  uk
1213.Pavan Kumar Make India BRIBE FREE!!USA
1212.Ajit Panigrahi   
1211.Raj An honest education system makes an honest citizen.Canada
1210.Piyush Majmudar  USA
1209.Moiz Diwan  USA
1208.Santosh Pandey I strongly oppose the petition. They can choose professions but to teaching professionallyIndia
1207.Dr.Nataraja Pillai It is a wonderful step taken for the social causeIndia
1204.magan boyd   
1203.Roda Mehta   
1202.SYED ALI plz stop giving bribes and ask questions to ur self , y we are paying momey UAE
1201.Sri  USA
1200.Raghothama Good move!!!! Keep it up, All the best 
1199.Shekhar  India
1198.Dr.Delia Maria   
1197.Sitaraman Hariharan I totally agree to this initiativeIndia
1195.Bharat Chaudry I toatlly support the petition. In fact bribery in the education is the worst kind, since it erodes at the foundation of a nation. 
1193.Manu Bajpai  India
1192.Shikha Verma  India
1191.Ajay Ori  Mauritius
1190.prashant ramesh deshpande  india
1189.Shaji Nair Would like to help and be an active part...fully support your initiativeUSA
1188.Kunapuli S Prasad agreed & to be publicised vastlyINDIA, AP
1186.jasmeet singh Bhatia   
1185.Meetu Gupta  Glasgow ,Scotland
1184.Nikita Daga   
1181.Bhaktee Dongaonkar I hope this petition makes a difference and makes the whole ordeal of educating onself more genuine and simple, based on merit and hardwork.India
1180.S. C. Jayswal  India
1179.Kandarp Shah   
1178.Anand Less Government is less corruptionIndia
1177.Parag Suport the noble causeIndia/US
1176.GOOL BUGWADIA As an educator and former teacher,I find the current scenario appalling. One would think that 'while India is shining," this menace of corruption would be lessened. You deserve appreciation and thanx for taking up this noble task. U.S.A.
1175.Malini Ravi   
1172.S C MANDHAR  India
1171.Shankar  India
1169.Arun Ilangovan   
1168.Chandan Jain Its shame to see bribe in the field of knowledge distribution. USA
1167.Jayashree Janardhan  Bangalore, I ndia
1166.Vineet Chirania  India
1165.Atul Kumar Anurag   
1164.vinesh  india
1163.Jaya Prakash Vemuri  India
1162.Y K Gupta  India
1161.sarika u we indian forget the priciple taught by Gandhi, loose your opportunity but never give or take bribr/favour for your opportunityindia
1160.vivek u is signing of this petition works in current political establishment? every indian should stop giving bribes so system automatically changes-i feel soindia
1159.S,Visalakshi  India
1158.Mandeep Kaur Ghosh  India
1157.Sudhir Dhawan  India
1156.Dr. Utpal Barua  India
1155.Umesh Deshpande  India
1154.Jinesh Shah why just the education laws , other british laws whcih still exist and which were made to supress the INDIANs should also be repealed INDIA
1153.surender  i
1152.Venu Nambiar  India
1151.Surajit Sinha  India
1150.Saurabh J Madan Corruption has to go. We cannot become a great nation without first becoming an honest nationIndia
1147.Sudarshan  India
1146.B Ashok  India
1144.Pavankumar It should be prohibited completely.India
1143.Sankar S   
1142.Deepak Sharma  India
1141.sishaj p simon People should get out from their sleepIndia
1140.Nikhil Kumar a begining has to be made, you have done itIndia
1139.Rita Bhagat  PA, USA
1138.Samrat Choudhury  India
1137.Chirag Barot Unfortunately, I and my contemporaries, spent our teenage years in India in the rotten and corrupt decade of the late Eighties, and all we have seen is corruption in the education and government in general......This could be the contributing factor for "Brain Drain" in India towards US Canada and Australia. I sign and support this petition with hope that future generation does not have to face this nu censeIndia
1136.Vikas Desai   
1135.M .N.Islam Today : A true Politician is one who takes bribe & perform unlawfull activities.i.e mastermind of Corruption:"Behind every revolution there is one & only one person" rest is with themIndia
1134.Dr. R. Manivasakan  India
1133.Srinivas Venkata  India
1132.Sumit Arora   
1131.Dr. Ram Kumar  India
1129.Himanshu Mistry for bribe free indiaindia
1128.Kavita I strongly support you for better IndiaIndia
1127.Hema Rani P  India
1126.kameshwari Y for a corruption free INDIAindia
1125.PRASAD S. HENDRE I agree with many of your thoughts about Indian education systemIndia
1124.Krishna Mohan   
1123.Dr. P. R. Likhar I strongly support to this matterIndia
1122.sampathJM  India
1121.P S L Narasimham I support the petitionIndia
1120.Saroj Kumar Pani  India
1119.MC Paul Corruption is all pervasive due to some selfish leaders of this great country. We need to sweep them out. Sooner the better to make the country shine for everyone.India
1118.Arjun singh absolutely bribes should be removed from Indian EducationIndia
1117.Jayarama holla We need action .. Now!!India
1115.niraj we accept and appreciate the efforts and details mentioend by you. india
1114.Michael G Montague   
1113.Raghuram Boyapati  U.K
1112.Sreedhar In this matter if you need any assistance i am happy to help youUK
1111.T S Shrinivaasan  India
1110.Kunal Berani We all support for the good cause and the value system in democracy. Best WishesINDIA
1109.Anurag  India
1108.saurabh  India
1106.AMIT KUMAR SINGH bribery should be stoppedIndia
1104.Prasanna Gandhi  India
1103.Dr Budhi Singh Yadav  Indian
1102.Jag Khairra For a corruption-free IndiaAustralia
1101.Shyam Kumar I support the petition. UK
1100.Sonal Gupta Corruption in general is very harmful and detrimental to the Indian systemIndia
1099.aRVIND AMIN Our education sysyem has no morality, is corrupt and rotten which turns out dud enginers in our university. This is killing India's aspirations and spoiling the future of our nation. 
1098.Harsha S  India
1097.Gurudutt Ramamurthy We all support for the good cause and the value system in democracy. Best WishesUSA
1096.Dr.Desiraju Subrahmanyam  India
1095.D Bundela We should fight it collectivelyIndia
1094.Gireesan N Education should be supported by society and government and corruption will slow down the growth of our countryIndia
1093.Dr. Dev Mani Pandey I agree with current problem and appreciate for this movement.India
1092.Dhiren Shahpatel   
1091.Arvind Anin Education for children in India mudt b fair and ewual without discrimination and bribes 
1090.vishal kele  India
1089.raj kumar request the government to make laws in favour of poorindia
1088.Arun Gupta I fully agree with you. Now days private school are mushrooming like anything. They charge heavily as a fees with out providing any education. India
1087.Mangesh B your effoerts towards removing corruption is highly noteworthy.India
1086.Bipul Das The bribes from Indian Education shuld be removed at any costIndia
1085.Jagdeep Chhokar  India
1084.Siva Patnaik   
1083.b lets get the bribes out 
1081.Vishwanath This should be stopped to make sure our future generation understands our effort and continues the same practice of honesty. I hate to say that our 5000 years country is still running with these type of black patches and making it as our skin!.US
1080.Mohammed Habibuddin, Curruption is the mother of almost all evils in our country. Fighting curruption is real crusade or even holy war. Fight it with tooth and nails. Best wishesINDIA
1079.Frank Bonner  UK
1078.Akhil Ranjan  India
1077.S.Ananthakrishnan I agree with the basic points made in your article. However, I am not sure whether the measure that you have proposed will be acceptable to the majority of Indian middle class, since the mind-set is as such. Hence, except a few bold parents most of the others will want their children to go to the schools to keep their conscience clear!India
1076.AMIT MEHTA Bribe is a parasite on which the black money economy thrives & converts the whole nation into a parasite!!! KILL THE CAUSE!!! Vapi, India
1075.AMIT MEHTA  India
1074.Aggarwal S. K. I strongly support the PetitionIndia
1073.Aditya M  India
1072.Alok Singh your step towards removing corruption is very good India
1071.Amman Madan  India
1070.Anant Patel   
1069.Rudra Prakash Bribes that too in the education is highly immoral.India
1068.Dr. R. P. Maheshwari   
1067.Sunita Dutt  U.S.A.
1066.Hemant Ganga   
1065.Younis Munshi It is not only the bribery in the Indian Education but the bribery has been now in our blood and every where u will find the black sheep ready to distort the image of the country. Even if u will visit the highest offices in India u will never find an honest person. Even our parlimentarians who are at the highest offices of the country never shy in doing so and they proudly say that we have minked so much of money.India
1064.Ram Khaparde My dream: Bribe Free IndiaUSA
1063.Ram Bilas  India
1062.RAJ KUMAR ARYA  India
1061.yogesh I agree with Dr. Joshi. India
1060.Gurudatta  UK
1059.Shrivallabh Randad   
1058.Mohammed Habibuddin, Public Welfare Society Wishing best of luck and every success in this compighn INDIA
1057.V.Ram Prasad I protest the corruption in Education systemIndia
1056.Arunachalam  Bahrain
1055.Guruprasad I am one among you to fight against this corruptionIndia
1054.Shailesh Chandra Prabhakar  India
1053.Manoj Kumar  Denmark
1052.Manoj Sharma  India
1051.Indradeo Sharma Remove bribes from Indian EducationIndia
1048.Suresh Ganapuram Infact bribes should be removed in all sectorsIndia
1047.sridhar a   
1046.Deegamber Khadka  Nepal
1045.Sachin I beleive that education is the foundation of a society and a faulty education system is a great hindrance in the growth of a society.India
1044.Nilesh  India
1043.amali boralugoda  SRi Lanka
1042.usha pradhan   
1041.Sumoyee Basu This simply cannot continueUnited Kingdom
1040.vijay kumar jidigam  sweden
1039.Rama Murthy Vadrevu Good InitiativeSweden
1038.Rajashekhar Kamalampeta Great Initiation and hope inspires the young responsible Indians to work on such problems Denmark
1037.prabhakar ks   
1036.Prashanth Suravajhala  Denmark
1035.Jay Siddharth  India
1034.Shekar Shetty I agree with the stated petitionKuwait
1033.Svaidya Ji  USA
1032.B.Sivakumar This must be backed by recogonistion from the employers who should start thinking what his eployee must realy know to support doing the buisness.singapore
1031.Dr. Prasham Shah  India
1030.YS BEDI Fully support this initiativeIndia
1028.Yogesh Patel  United Arab Emirates
1027.Varghese Kuruvilla  India
1026.manma commentsindia
1025.Ruth Subramanian  India
1024.Shivkumar Vishweshwaraiah Scrapping this an several other laws irrelevant in this era is a must, and must be done ASAP!USA
1023.Srihari Makam This kind of initiative is required to take India to the next levelBangalore India
1022.Sridevi Devathi I support this causeIndia - Bangalore
1021.Vivek I support you. India
1019.Vignesh Balan  India
1018.HARINE FERNANDES I fully support the petitionIndia
1016.Jayalakshmi  India
1015.Susheel Prem Harchandrai  India
1014.Shanthi India is a developing country. V hv many people under the poverty line. So let them also be given a chance to study at home and graduateIndia
1013.Bharat Varma   
1012.Shrikant Patankar   
1011.Sunil K Sonare Education should not be commercialsedIndia
1010.Seema Patel   
1009.K..S.S.Ramachandra Rao A part of the bribes reach corrupt political leaders and officersin the hiarchyINDIA
1007.Dr Srikanta K. Panigrahi Conratulations for initiating historic reformation.India
1006.Rupak Kumar Pal Good JobIndia
1005.Ravi Bhardwaj   
1003.Dr.Prasant Kumar Saboth I am grateful that the initiative has taken before the prevailing education system will ruin Indian societyIndia
1002.Payal  India
998.Sanjeev Deo I agree that 'bribes and corruption' should be removed from Indian Education. I am not sure if just changing the law is going to help. We may have to do some thing ourselves by increasing the social awareness.India
997.Sankaran I agree that we need to remove bribes from Indian education. This movement needs grass roots support both inside the country and outside. Of late I see that in Singapore and South east a lot of good Indian schools have opened branches. It appears that people who are not able to fight the system and can afford to, will send their children abroad. My daughter chose to eb a contrarian and although we live in Singapore wanted to study in India to learn the Indian culture . We seem to see a lot of educational migration spreading to school going kids. Is that a good thing for India . Can India afford that ?Singapore
996.Sagar Chandratrey I agree with Mr.JoshiIndia
995.SRIDHAR RAJAGOPALAN Any endeavour undertaken to remove bribes which is affecting adversely the lives of millions of Indians for so many years after independance is always a welcome step.I give my wholehearted support for this endeavour.USA
994.Prashant Hardikar  USA
993.Prem Shah  USA
992.Dr. Pathak very urgent 
991.Madfhu Keshavamurthy   
990.Ram Sundararajan  United States of America
989.Ravi Our children’s are the future of our country and lets us make all efforts to eradicate corruption from the day one of the kids life .  
988.Murtuza I support the causeIndia
986.Prashant Ganorkar  U..S.A
985.Rajarajan Subramaniam In U.S.A, lots of kids are doing very well in their studies at home school systemU.S.A
984.Rammya Rajan I completely agree with Mr. Joshi, and it is about time someone took a stance against bribery in the education system! Keep it up!United States of America
983.Pawan Gupta  India
982.Dr.M.S. Sachdev It is an appropriate approach to develop knowledge and merit based society devoid of corrupt means of progress. I endorse the initiative.India
980.Rajender A very good initiative and I support from my heartUSA
979.satya prakash I absolutely believe in your statementindia
978.Nimit Mehta  USA
977.Hari Datt Bist The main problems at present is the corruption prevalent in Govt grants right from preprimary to higher education. The money spent has to be supervised by Honest officers and honest local public and guardians committees.India
976.Phaneesh A very good initiative that needs all the suppotr from the learned Countrymen 
975.Krishna Kumar Pande I surely agree that the goverment should allow the education to be a free industry and market forces will ensure better quality as we are seeing in the Inidan industry todayIndia
974.Ranjinis  singapore
973.Ninad Chitre I've been thru the suffocating, defeatist state controlled educational system for 15 young and productive years of my life. I recognised my talent only when I excelled in All India level competetive exams like NTS, JEE, GATE. I wholeheartedly support this petition. I feel every Indian child has a right to prove his/her calibre independent of government's approval.UK
972.Sanjay Khanna Bribery being part of the education system at the beginning age seeds the very anti-values we want to save our kids from. Future of India depends on our education system and this must be cleanedUSA
971.A.KANNAPIRAN It is good move to remove Brife atleast in School levelINDIA
970.Noor Saifi   
969.Akhilesh Kumar We are slaves to Indian education system. Its glaring failure of Indian education when corruption, nepotism rules the Roost. Its certainly will create stress and tension in society when public will be frustrated. There will be 1000nds of Rama who will kill the Ravans of so called custodians of Indian democracy! Its shame on Indian democracy which undermines the good work done by few samaritans who want India to respect the democratic right of the suppressed citizen.delhi/louisville
967.Vinay Kalyankar   
966.rikesh chouhan   
965.Mohamed Kasim  India
963.Leo Prakash Thanks you for your initiativeGermany
962.Manoj Sarda Political Will is required to remove this. Unfortunately, our most of the politician only encourage such type of things.Indian
961.malasree dasgupta --India
960.Prabhakar Nairi Schools should come up within certain radius of residences and education must be made compulsory upto standard 12 for all children. Under priveleged children must be given free education.India
959.atul deshingkar  India
958.Tushar Devani  USA
957.Devendra Chaudhary I support your effort but fail to understand, how this will remove the corruption, which has seeped to the very core of our (Indian) societyU.S.A.
956.Mamta Patel I strongly support this petition.USA
955.Hemang Dave   
954.Kush Tandon  USA
953.Dattatray Junnarkar  USA
951.kiran c patel keep up the good workusa
950.P.Joselin Jose   
949.jayashankar  India
948.Navyata  US
947.Mr Shahid Khatai  INDIA
946.Bhavesh Naik  USA
945.lalitha Ramanan  U.S.A.
944.Mr A Joshi Corruption is the cancer that India needs to eradicateUK
943.Jose George  India
942.David  India
941.Dr. Thomas Utschig  Germany
939.Bala Krishna Ayer I fully endorse your view. Corruption must be rooted out.India
938.jaiprakash bhamu good effortindia
937.Mohammad Yaseen Very much required.Hope , it would click.U.A.E.
934.Anil Bribe is destroying our education system and i think every parent who has to admit his/her child to a preparatory school has to shell out a huge sum of money in the name of admission fees and when the same child has to join the regular school again this sum goes up by several times.India
933.Kanaka Gollakota   
932.H Ramesh   
931.Gopal Iyer  US
930.Devasish Basu I agree. However, the approach & prespective towards educaion also has to change.India
929.Guna Cemballi The corruption in Indian education has to be weeded outUSA
928.akhil sharma  India
927.Rahul Very Good effort Please carry it forwardIndia
926.Adarsh S. Puri Inshallah! So be it!!India
925.Apurba Majumder  India
924.A Karunagaran To say it is not possible to remove curruption amounts to accepting it. It is necessary to remove curruption and we should find out the way, 'let us try with a motto that nothing is impossible' Mumbai, India
923.laxman i agree 
922.Ron Bayes  USA
921.Abhijat Vichare Many more things need to be done.India
920.Sameet This this has to be done, You have my complete vote to go ahead in this matter. I am ready to help in any other way required.India
919.Ajay Kumar Patodia Appreciate the move and definitely the middle class parents will be benefitted as they can send their wards to good schoolINDIA
918.Ganapathy Appalanaidu  Malaysia
917.Ajay Parmar   
916.Shashank Chiney  USA
915.ramesh kumar nibhoria God help us to achieve this type of education.India
914.Vivek Sharma good catchIndia
913.Kunal Dutta   
912.Kapil Pathak  India
911.PREM iam agree with this idea,....india
910.Daisy Sachdeva  India
909.Naveen Kumar DN i strrongly agree with you thoughtsBangalore India
908.Rajender Anand I strongly agree with Mr. Joshi. That is why basic education is so expensive in India which is not even affordable by middle class.India
907.Dr Yatindra Singh, Ajmer  India
906.K.R.Mulla I strongly agree with this petitionInda, Karnataka
904.Manish  India
903.prashanth  india
902.gopikrishna atleast my school's pupil shall get benefited out of thisindia
901.Gaurav Johri  India
900.Faizal Haque  India
899.Patil Sachin P I sincerely appreciate the initiative by D. M. Joshi and hope to be helpful to take forward the cause of this petition.India
898.Vishal  USA
897.sunil mittal i am agrre with the groundsindia
896.Saroj The solution may be many, but this is genuine that corruption is at all levels, even in the temple of education. I hope govt. would hear this plea from the people, unlike before. After all that's why they are at the policy making position. India
895.Sekhar CSC Commendable initiative!! Hope it succeeds!!INDIA
894.DR HS VIRK The whole SYSTEM is CORRUPTED. How this step will cure it, I donot agree.India
893.Venkateshwara Sastry  India
891.Dr. Raj Kamal I believe petition will not helpIndia
890.Mrs Anita SHARMA  INDIA
889.shanta serbjeet singh  India
888.Rohan  India
887.Badri Narayanan Great initiative, other than brinery in Govt. education system, pvt. schools are minting moneyIndia
886.Susan K.  India
885.Prashant Bawankule Education is the foundation on which economy of any country will depend. This system should be free of corruption.India
884.Samir Sadanand Rane  India
883.Vaib Gangan The only thing that holds India back from being a superpower is corruption. I believe India has the potential to eradicate corruption from most parts of its society.New Zealand.
882.B.Gautam No fellow is interested to scrap the old law cause every one in the system is beneficiary either directly or the process of corruption.India
880.Dr. B.N. Dhawan  INDIA
879.Jasdeep Singh Oberoi Corruption leads to sick nation, no corruption healthy nation. Every one ahould see lage raho munna bhai 'movie' and get inspired by the values of Ghandhi to make our nation corruption free. 
878.VIJAY JOSHI noindia
877.Shashi Shekhar Sharma Yes,I do support Mr.Joshi for his noble efforts.India
876.Ajitpal Singh Bhatia  India
875.Sunil Exceptional InitiativeIndia
874.Urmish  Malaysia
873.V K Mathur I wish all success to this effortIndia
872.Harish Thanki brilliant work could be help some oneuk
871.Suman Mathur   
870.P.R.Krishnakumar  India
869.anoop mathur  usa
868.Amit Putti   
867.aditya mandlekar Please remove taking bribesIndia/USA
866.Kate Bassett  USA
865.madhukar  canada
864.Heena All the best...USA
862.vijay i hate corruption 
861.Jagdish Joshi Strongly support the petitionCardiff UK
860.Dr.T.P.VISWANATHAN, B.Com.,B.L.,R.I.M.P.,R.H.M.P., Good attemptIndia
859.Satyajit Dey unshackle planned state interventions over individual developmentIndia
858.Lokesh S S Corruption in any form should not be tolerated. INDIA
857.Ishwar Nagwani I strongly agreeINDIA
855.Sathyanarayan Kumar  India
854.Alok Jagawat  India
853.sahankumar  India
852.Abhishek Rai   
851.madhu.g CommentsCountry of Residence
850.Hiren Adesara   
849.Murthy N. Guddati  USA
848.Aravinth Muthu   
847.Damodar hegde   
846.Ahmed Sajid I sign this petition to support the petitioner in curbing corruption in our education system. God bless us all with this mammoth task.India
845.Needamangalam Balachander  United States of America
844.raja sekhar giving bribes has become a passion as well as a fashion now a day.......... it has to be reduced at any cost.INDIA
843.kunal  India
841.Dr. Shravan Mishra  Germany
840.ravi kiran Exceptional initiativeIndia
838.Gerald. Rodrigues  India
837.ravi  india
836.dr.c.k.k.nair  India
835.k krishna rao I totally agree with the views of petition.india
834.nitin patel  INDIA
833.Suhasini Patel  USA
832.Dushyant Pandya I am against Bribes of all kind.India
831.alam  india
830.R.Ganesan Like Finance or Defence Govt. should take atmost interest in reforming the education policy and the system from which the Future Citizen evolve. As children are used to hear about bribing right from school days they take it light when they become decision making Indian Citizen India
829.M Ahmad Bribe is poision which is diluting the efficience of IndiaIndia
828.R. P. Dangwal I strongly support the campaign India
826.Victor Hart Education equality should mean equality of choice and access. India can show the world.Australia
824.Yogesh Joshi a timely initiative for the right cause. need to eradicate bribery.UK
823.Sapan Gandhi This is something that will help many. Hope some positive result comes out of this petition. United Kingdom
822.sammy bhiwandiwalla  UK
821.Srinivas Sridhara  USA
820.Chiraag Mehta  India
819.Kartik Lotlikar  UK
818.Ahmed D.Pathan we should protect education from the Bribes dragonKALOL-GUJARAT-INDIA
817.Pawan Mittal  India
815.Professor S.P. Verma I Strongly support the demandIndia
814.Leela Rampersad  USA
813.Mullick  India
812. St. Martha's Hospital Go India GoIndia
811.Pradeep Niduram  India
810.Professor Pradeep Seth Unless we impose death penalty to any one perpetuating corruption, it is rather impossible to remove it from India. We should learn from history: "Gupta Period" and "Maurya period" (Arthashastra). Valmiki's Ramayana also narrates strict laws existing during that period.India
808.Santosh Ramamurthy  USA
807.ven good going 
806.vamsi krishna karamsetty   
804.Zubairuddin Mohammed Please Act on it on helping india developIndia
802.Manoj prabakar  USA
800.satish  usa
799.Nitin Katiyar  USA
798.Zaheer Akram A genuine reason. Why do we have to go to school when we can perform lot better just by skipping and learning on own. And in case need arises consulting.USA
797.Praneeth k Gandham   
796.Girish Kale Very essential for sustainable progressUnited Kingdom
795.Ashish Kumar Interesting facts pointed out in the article. The broader picture will surely benefit from some debate and lead to significant Education Sector reforms.Oxford, UK
794.Neil Dave   
793.dr monica  india
792.Sharad Desai  USA
791.KRISHNA LATHIA-JAMES  United Kingdom
790.kapileswar nayak  UK
789.Devavrat Bapat AgreeIndia
788.Deepak Lathi  UK
787.muhammad rafi  uae
786.sachin vahile Strongly support for the benefit of indian eduaction 
785.Anupam Roy  United Kingdom
784.Drs Bhala  UK
783.Ankur Agarwal Outdatde and illogical laws are indeed responsible for a good deal of the corruption in India and are defintnitely holding back our education sector to a large extent - free market based approaches are the way ahead!UK
782.Debabrata Mukherjee Life in India has come to a standstill due to corruption. USA
781.Kaveetaa Kaul What is defunct today in the education pattern is the nobility and sanctity in it as a profession.. We need to build a vibrant India , pulsating with robust values and positive energy. Alas the system has as if retarded the process. Lack of teachers who synchronise with this thought are almost non existent. Change is needed in every aspect . Bribes is a symptom of the deep malady, but not its root. Regards Kaveetaa Kaul India
780.Abhishek  England
779.Dr. Uma Chandrasekaran What's the action plan? I think it will help if we look at the National Open School mode and work from there. We need to define the deliverables. Just wishing for corruption-free systems will not make them happen by magic. Also can we unshackle children from a rigid curriculum that forces them to study maths and science regardless of their abilities? I am available for any formal work in this regard. Great initiative! Thanks. India
778.rahul dutt sharma welcome gesture!India
777.Chunilal Velji Chavda  England
775.Neeraja Balachander   
773.Karthik Ganapathy   
772.S R Nair  India
771.Mr Tapan Mahapatra We are keen to remove corruption from Indian education systemIndia
770.GV Kumar Good move, all the very bestIndia
769.patanjali varanasi   
768.varun gade i agreeIndia
766.Vivek Raghunathan Very Good cause, keep up the good workUnited States
765.Sivakumar Chinnasamy   
764.Shweta Good initiativeIndia
763.Asheeka Sinha  United States of America
762.arvind SUPPORTUSA
760.Karthik Nallajalla  India
758.g.suresh kumar make laws for India as well as to those who interpret and enforce them, and I hereby sign the petition: india
757.Praveer Misra   
756.Vinubhai D. Patel I agree with Petition Author to remove bribes from the educationINDIA
755.Satinder  India
754.Chandra Paul Ollery Thank you for come forwarding to eradicate the bribe in Indian Education system.# 6-1-133. VDO's Colony, Khammam, Andhra Pradesh, India.
753.jagmohan chadha It is a good cause and I endorse it.India
751.Divya Kurup   
750.Jay Mody   
749.Amita Mongia   
748.V.P. AGARWAL Very true picture is portrayed in the petition.INDIA
747.Bharath S.Rajan Very needed reformUK
746.Damodaran V K Prof. This menace has grown overweight over the years and has to be rooted out. I agree.India
745.Sankara  USA
744.Narayan Kansal   
743.Mayda Olleros  USA
741.P M Vishwanath Very good initiative, but will it work when a significant section of the society does not seem to worry! They oppose corruption, but not the corrupt! Good luckIndia
739.Rahul  India
738.Dr.S. Vathsal It is important issue 
737.Raja Sekaran  Qatar
736.Manikya Vikram Strongly support the petitionIndia
735.J. Muraleemohan Lal   
734.Vivek Agrawal  India
733.Vijay Kumar Chandrabhan Sanghi I have myself published a paper on deterring corruption in public purchases in India, and I certainly support any move towards eradication of corruption in any sector.India
732.B. Maximus all your suggestions are really worth thinkingIndia
729.arun lobo Continue to give me the updates on education issuesIndia, Karnataka, Raichur, Manvi, Potnal
728.Anuj Gupta  US
727.Anita Joshi Keep it upUnited Kingdom
726.Anonymous I strongly oppose any kind of corruption at any mode of life.India
725.anoop k joshi --
724.Sanjay Chaudhary  India
723.Anant Aggarwal   
721.Asim The sanctity of education needs to be restored, else mankind will pay a heavy price for it. The petition is a step in the right direction.India
720.Venugopal.K.P. I am also with you.India
719.Amit Grover  India
717.pankaj  USA
716.Akshay  India
715.K RajaRatnam  UK
714.amit upadhyay  India
713.Avadhesh Kumar Singh  India
712.Santosh Kumar Madugula I am with you, but would like to have more details through email or teleconSingapore
711.Raman Kumar Vidya Viheenah Sakshat Padhuh Puchchha Vishan Heeanah..Those who don't deserve the best position should not acquire that through bribe. Let's join hand in an attempt to eradicate it.India
710.Mitra Alpana  India
709.Satish K Madala I support this petition in support of removing bribes from Indian educationIndia
708.Anshuman The education system in India is no doubt corroded and need major modification. The system was set up by the British to get clerks for their work. The modern world demands for a broader education system which should'nt be only academic but practical also. India neds renaissance and i hope that this petition might prove to be the gateway for this. India
707.Pranay Tiwari  India
706.Praveen Thumma Good JobINDIA
705.Sujeet Kumar  India
704.Amiy The peition is full of sound thought and logic. Let it come through! 
703.Raghvendra Jain We want this law to be emforced.India
702.Vaibhav  India
701.Rashmi Rawat Strongly supporting this petitionIndia
700.Mahesh I   
699.nawneet it is very urgent for the government to unshackle the unreformed sections of educational setup in indiaindia
698.nimit  india
697.deva It shold not be thereIndia
696.Chander Prakash Sir please consider the corruption in Higher education in India. Because Today our higher level institutions are getting more money compared to the others, specialy in technical education. Teachers are making tour on public money for their fun.India
695.arindam banerjee  india
694.Dinesh Kumar Kanungo  India
693.George Cardona Every effort to eliminate corruption and promote education should be supported.USA
692.Manish Nathwani I support this petition.Australia
691.Harish Bhatt Biggest corruption is the reservation and quota system in Indian education. Student without merit get preference on basis of caste and half of these kids never finish education. Most barely pass the schools/ college examsUSA Kumari U r gandhi for Indian education. And Gandhi can't be discribe in few lines.India
689.Kay Gildea   
688.Sivasubramanian Baskar I strongly support this petitionUSA
687.GREENPLANET Greenplanet is ready to fight againt the bribes from indian Educaion.KALOL-GUJARAT-India
686.AHMED D.PATHAN It is most required today, because Indian Education is bacome handicape today.INDIA
685.A AIndia
681.Ravinder N . ANISETTI  INDIA
680.NIhar Kalghatgi got to be done ina better way still. Hows this online signing going to execute things.India
679.alok  united kingdom
678.Jagrut Gadit There has to be all possible flexibility and freedom about how one obtains the school education. India
675.Anula Bhusry We have to do our best to remove bribrery from education by all means.USA
674.Anula Bhusry We have to do our best to remove bribrery from education by all means.USA
673.DR V K RAJPAL Indeed removing bribes from Indian Education will go a long way in improving Indias position in he wolrd.Slogan shouldbe REMOVE THE BRIBE AND PUNISH THE CORRUPT FROM INDIA - PROF DR V K RAJPAL MD ,AGRA INDIA.tINDIA
672.Dr. Asif Husain I strongly support the petitionIndia
671.Karthikeyan Sivaraman   
670.Krishna K   
669.Anant Vemuri Education is how we build the society. The most important education that can be imparted is moral education, without which every other form is rendered useless... Make our roots strong and nation will progress...USA
668.Kovid Gupta  USA
667.Vaibhav Thakore There can be no form of corruption worse than the corruption in the education system itself. Root Out Corruption!!!United States
665.Suresh Gopal If India has to make a mark for itself, it must remove the stigma of bribe from a core sector like education. Please stop considering the rise of Sensex as development. Real development can only happen when India can provide quality education to its masses.USA
664.R.L. BHAT We all must fight in full force not only for Education sector but over allINDIA
663.vivek dont bribeindia
662.Kaustav Ghose  India
661.Rashmi Sharma Education of Nursery going Student is first step of that child in world. Please make it bribe free.India
660.Rod Whatever, I hate corruptionSlovenia
659.Amir Taller  Canada
657.V.Y.Sane Agree in totoIndia
656.Rajesha No more Bribe -India
655.Lokesh Sharma   
654.P. Vaidya Why only school corruption? Corruption in every sphere needs to be fought. India
653.Akash Srivastava Education should be based on merit not on money. One who can pay for it or falls under reservation criteria can get all the benefits and others can only suffer. I hate it... where education comes with money and politics.India
652.Aman Mishra An important problem of Indian education system pointed out which needs to be eliminated as early as possible.India
651.Bharat Mithani Most needed public movement.INDIA
650.Ajay Soni  India
649.K. S. Mann This is one of the realities in Indian eduactionINDIA
648.Praveen Gurjar This is a very serious issue. Should be removed as soon as possible.India
647.Ramprasad We are for it, and lets do it.India
646.Abhiteja I would really appreciate this and would forward to everyone i know to sign this herebyINDIA
645.Venkatesan K.S.   
644.sri vatsav i appreciate your effortUSA
643.harmeet yes it must be wipedindia
642.Upendra Sharma Nice Effort... With you in building New India 
641.kanishka  India
640.Arun Singla If we clean our root(education) our tree(Nation) will be fruitful free of all Virus.India
639.Sandeep Saini Let us make India clean....India
638.Tamanna Saxena   
637.Dr. M. Irfan Qureshi   
636.Ritesh Saini Please execute this petition as soon as possible. I convey my best wishes for this good cause.India
635.Yogesh Budhiraja  India
634.Vipin Hallan   
633.Rajesh Shirodkar  India
632.Sumedha Chakma   
631.vasant gohil Bribe must be removed from Indian EducationIndia
630.Abhi  india
629.Rahul R. Vakil  Ahmedabad, India
628.Tarun Kumar Acharya I fully support your idea. Our education system needs a drastic change to make it transparent and student friendly.India
627.Jai Gupta   
626.Rajesh Nair Fully support this initiative as it suffocating to live in a corrupt society. India
625.E.James Rajasekaran I accept the views discribtedIndia
624.Suchi Garg  India
623.akhilesh U r 200 percent right. I m with U. I m Editor of a hindi daily. i would like to publish it. Pl. send ur photoTARUNMITRA HINDI DAILY, Ujain Complex, Dakbunglow Rd. Patna-1 India,
622.sarwat ali Education should be free and compulsory through common school sytem upto secondary level sponsored by state for all, stringent laws against corruption in education India
621.sarwat ali Education should be free and compulsory through common school sytem upto secondary level sponsored by state for all, stringent laws against corruption in education India
620.lokes s s  India
619.Soham Das I didnt know that the situation could be improved by the scrapping of laws like this, but its definitely worth giving it a try because in this fast changing world and especially of education nothing old can be allowed to function with such grace and acceptability like lawsIndia
618.venkata srinivas first of we should also stop giving,and should support the sufferersindia
617.Sathyanarayan Kumar  India
616.Robin Jacob  India
615.Ashok K Nagawat  India
614.Balasubramanian S A brilliant student should not be deprived of eduaction because of cunning politiciansINDIA
613.Raghvendra Singh Whole education system should be protected from political leadersIndia
611.a.m.joshi  India
609.M W Pandit I hate bribary; more so in the field of education.INDIA
608.Mrutyunjaya Lenka Bribes from the Indian education System needs to be abolished with mass agitation.I openly support and strongly appreciate this type3 of move to eradicate flaw in our education system.India
607.chaitra  India
606.Manoj Ambat  India
605.Mahendra J Ahluwalia It is high time such an action was taken with full force.India
604.Shashwati Basak   
603.Sukanta  India
602.Rohan If the bribes for education wont stop, then we dont have the right to call ourselves a democratic countryIndia
601.Santosh Thakkar  USA
600.Jaya  USA
599.H.V.NANJAPPA I strongly support the petitionINDIA
598.Uddhav Kelavkar  USA
597.omprakash mahendraker bribe is kind of virus if it starts at education that is like at cell level, which effect at all levels latterINDIA
596.Abhishek Dubey Bribing is worst scar on the society's faceIndia
595.PREJAL We are with you India
593.amit walia You are doing a great JOB. PLZ Keep it up. If there is anything that i can do for any cause like this i would love to do that.india
592.Amit Mahajan  India
591.Dr(Mrs.) Anjum Farooqui I support it. India
590.Milind Madhukar Joshi  India
589.drv.sivasubramaiyan good effortindia
588.R Madhukar Value comes from education, if this is corrupted then we are to be primitive ever.India
587.abhimanyu  india
586.naresh gurnani  india
585.Ruchi I support itIndia
584.Navdeep Bansal bribe is curse, where it may exist.India
583.Dr Pratap Naidu Very relevant. This corruption extends to higher education in a big way, especially medicine & engineering and law.Australia
582.Dr Thanuvelil George Koshy I wasn't aware of all thisIndia
581.k. ruth lewis   
580.Kalyan Brata Ghoshal We are with you in this great missionINDIA
579.Maheswaran Thiagarajan   
578.DR ANJAN KUMAR DUTTA very appreciable approachIndia
577.Halie Shah   
576.Preeti Shirgur  USA
575.pooja we really need someone to initiate on these matters!U.S.A.
574.Santosh  USA
573.Dheeraj Bhardwaj Dear sir we are with you in this great mission let us know more about this mission i think this is a holy mission for indiansIndia
572.Raghavendra V Kulkarni  USA
571.Darshana Bhanushali Absolutely necesary...This is an essential step towards revolutionizing the education systemUSA
570.Prasanna Aasrith   
569.Chetna  U.S.A
568.Karthik Reddy  USA
567.Padma Pakala   
566.Shravan  United States
565.RAGHUVEER Bribes should be completely removed from Indian Education and also from all other systemsUSA
564.satya putta Future will be fruitful if we genuinely treat the rootsUnited States
563.vamshi good work.... gud luckUS
562.Varsha Pandya   
559.Chakradhar  Indian
558.Suman SV   
557.Michael Chelian   
553.Srinath S Iyer  U.S.A
552.Rohit Parvathaneni   
551.Bhavana Upadhyaya Yes, the bribes got to stop! Free our education system!United States
550.Premal Shah  United States
549.ajay gaddam  India
548.GAURAV yes its trueUnited States of America
547.Krishna Chetry  India
546.Amit Arora If this is the condition at very basic level then who would change the face of country when I am old.India
543.sheikh rafiq bribe corrupts the country india
542.Elizabeth A good step 
540.Inderveer Chana I agree and I too want to abolish corruption at every level and every sector in IndiaIndia
539.Prakash George  India
538.Karun Verma The Corruption in the School System will add to the weights to the fresh building neurons of child, which affects his furthur development.India
537.M.Bhola  USA
536.Jayashiel Kakileti   
534.Prabhudas B Suryawanshi I understand and agree that the curruption should be removed from indian education fields..! Not only in this field but also at the various areas where curruprion is encouraged and maintained..!India
533.Parthiban K Velayutham I apprecialting this petition and i will give my full support and strength to eradicate this problem in indiaIndia
532.Lina Tolia  India
531.Jeyaraj Durai Pandian  India
530.Dr ALEXANDER DANIEL Great idea, will definitely benefit all, (if the govt has the guts to implement it)INDIA
529.Sanjay Ghosh Let's remove this cancer from our education system and every other walk of life.India
528.Binny TestTest
526.Jaychandar  India
525.K.G. Parvathy Yes, something serious has to be done.India
524.shailendra chak  India
523.M.Dulipkumar i welcome this proposalINDIA
522.sadanand k nayak  india
521. Chander Shekhar I always thinking in this direction. I do not understand that school is indispensible. There can be a test system that should be enough. Most of the time, children fall prey to bad habit in school (particularly in government school)India
520.Nirmala R Best of LuckIndia
518.Abhishek Acharya  India
517.Dr Madhu I strongly support this petition.India
516.mukesh paul i am with you in this matter india
515.Soundara Raghavan  India
514.H. M. Suryawanshi  India
513.Jitendra Roy This social curse should be done away immediately to decrease the burden on the child and her/his parents.India
512.C.S.Moghe  India
511.Pradip Bose A very good move.India
510.Dr. H. V. Kulkarni   
509. Dr S C Jayswal I fullly agree with you. India
508.Dr.(Mrs.) A. Sahoo It is highly essential for education pattern in India to be changed.India
507.Narendra Voice must be raisedIndia,Delhi
506.Sandhya kolanupaka  India
505.cima yeole fully endorseIndia
503.Giri Kolanupaka This is very much indeed necessary for India to improveIndia
502.Jagdish Kumar  India
501.Debasis Good idea, I support it wholeheartedly.India
500.alak kumar buragohain ...a stupendous task...a huge challenge.. but still we have to mount a national movement to nip this murder of our moral value right at the bud.assam, india
499.Dr. Chandan Goswami  India
498.Professor L.K.Jha Need sound policy and laws to scrap payment of donation etc to streameline the education system and to give equal opportunity to the student of weaker section irrespective of cast and religion.India
497.KANNAN  India
496.Dr.K.N.Sethi  India
495.Vasudev Dehalwar  India
494.Amod Desai I agree with you and something needs to be done...USA
493.nirankar srivastav  India
492.MICHAEL AROCK Education is the right field from where bribery is to removed off firstINDIA
491.Nilesh Waghdhare I support this petition, as I think that it is a common superstition that education can only be imparted by established institutes. I think people should have the freedom to teach their children in the way they think is appropriate.U.S.A.
490.ranveer  india
489.neha dua high time we scrap the law!India
488.Shibaji Mukherjee  India
487.Dr K Chatterjee Law to be scrapped.It will make entrance to higher education free & may help someone who cant afford to bribe. And not those who can. This may reduce corruption negligibly but at least will be a step closer to "education for all". India
485.Hemang Barbhaiya  USA
484.basant  india
483.kamal kishore a very nice effort ..india
482.ramesh no commentindia
481.Duggineni Veera Brahmam It is good, needs to be circulate every IndianIndia
480.G Kishan   
479.Purnima Agarwal  India
478.pgiri  USA
477.patel amit Rajnikant good thought, a right stepindian
476.Ghanshyam Swarup  India
474.Srini Rao  USA
473.Gargi Basu   
472.Govind Marathe I strongly support the issue of removal of bribery from Indian Education.New Zealand
470.Gowri  USA
469.Ramesh  USA
468.sujata basu  USA
467.Venkat Narayan   
464.Sulatha Dwarakanath   
463.Ravi Kumar This is very important issue and need to fixed right awayUSA
461.thakor maggan indian bureaucracy & corruption rampant all over india, how can the country come out of the malaiseusa
460.Nileena Dash Good LuckUSA
459.Madhu Kalyanapuram  USA
457.Dr. Venugopal Menon   
456.Ram Ganeshan   
455.Muneendra Ojha  USA
454.kprvittal  India
453.Prasad Basu   
451.varun choudhary  india
450.Lalit Mahadeshwar   
449.N.V.Giridharan Good beginingIndia
448.Vikas Kadam I support this petition. 
447.Rita Frenchman  USA
446.Dr Sanjay Kumar   
445.Naren Balasubramaniam   
444.MOHIT i am agree with u sir.India
442.Shikhar Parakh  India
441.K. Vijay Karthick  Indonesia
440.GAURAV MAROO it is a good initiationINDIA
439.DR Sasidhar Good attemptIndia
437.Pravin P Patel MD Excellent job!USA
436.Dr. D Singh Do not impose rules and regulations on children, as these increase corruptionsIndia
435.Dr. Surendra Prasad personally agree with what this petition says.Fiji
433.Neelima I strongly recommend to remove bribes from Indian EducationIndia
432.M.M.Singh  India
431.Manish  India
430.Dr. Manju Sachdev  USA
429.Subhash Rao  USA
428.Dr.D.Sundararaju I strongly support the petitionIndia
426.Vivekanand I strongly support the Petition.India
425.pankaj Present education system is a rotten one and needs severe reforms. Thanks for taking the initiative and best wishes. It should be made free from political influence as soon as possibleindia
424.shekhar  India
423.H S Malik I strongly support this noble cause. Not only educational laws but we must also review/ update all our British-era laws to make these one of the best in terms of their efficiency.India
422.Ashwani Kumar Roy The only single reform that India needs is to strengthen JUDICIARY. If we can ensure speedy and fair justice to all then India is going to be the best country in the world!India of course!
421.N. Srinivasa Rao I support your petitionIndia
420.Dr. S. N. Kabir I fully agree that bribes should be removed from Indian Education, but I do also believe that it is very hard to achieve that situation in India where the recruitment of sweeper to Prime Minister involves under-table transaction. India
419.Dr. D. K. Pandey The matter needs to be taken up on war footing.India
418.Dr J C S Kataky Yes. This is one of the most desired efforts by Dr JoshiIndia
417.Ritesh I agree with the findings. I would also like to highlight about the concession in fees / scholarship given by government to the children of school teachers. During my Engineering I saw few of my friends though entitle for over 10K per year scholarship didn’t receive a single penny.India
416.dhananjay tate i strongly condemn the act of accepting and giving bribes as well as forcing people to abstain their children from getting education cos they can't afford these 'bribes'in form of donations or whatever.india
415.Rupali Bhakre Corruption is hampering the proper growth and development of our country. So,it must be stopped.UK
414.Subroto Haldar Must be stoppedOman
413.B. P. Singh Curruption in any form is detrimental for the society. It should be stopped.India
412.Ashok Kumar Dwivedi Indian education need to be fair, cheap, free from political interference-reservation etc., and should be able to provide equal opportunity to all the citizen in indifferent way.India
411.Anuj Shara  India
410.Shashank Rai Goel  India
409.mugdha sathe this is like aids,everybody wants to eradicte it but nobody wants to talk about itbharat ( india)
406.Rajnish  India
404.Selvakumar.C We can even make it betterIndia
403.s.n.sushil It is an excellant effort made by Dr Joshi. It should be considered.India
402.Ravi Prakash Srivastava Its shameful and henus act of taking bribe for the fundamental right of educationIndia
401.Sunil Gupte i agreeNCL, Pune, India
399.Viswanath Abolish entrance examinations. Ban private tutions by teachers working in any educational institution, prosecute the violators. Make attendance at schools voluntary.Australia
398.Suren Kumar  India
397.Kirti  India
396.Vidhi Puri  India
394.Poonam Sehgal   
393.Dr. Ranganath VR Wonder why Pitroda is silent on this!India
392.Sunil Kumar  India
390.surender corruption sucksindia
389.Nikhil Kumar great job India
388.Ankur Jain  India
387.Shirish A. Ranade, PhD I fully agree with the petition. In fact not just in education but in almost all wlks of life we have bribery in some form or the other. Why cant India be like FINLAND that ranks amongst the most uncorrupt nation?India
386.S.M. Karisiddaiah I appreciate your courage to expose the real factsIndia
385.keyur  India
383.G K Surya Deterrent punishment alone removes corruption. The Lokayuktas must be empowered with judicial powers to attach the wealth accummulated by the corrupt people as well as politicians; this money should be utilized for infrastructural development such as school buildings, roads, libraries or even disaster management. We should learn from the Chinese, how the corrupt people are treated. The property of Karim Lala Telgi should be auctioned and the money utilzed for Metro rail in Bangalore.India
382.DixonMD  India
381.Sony Pandey  India
380.narendra pratap singh  Indian
379.vybhav dhar  India
378.Ashish Dubey  India
377.mansoor i vote for the betterment of my countrybangalore
376.Prasad Hendre  India
375.Dr. Shrivallabh P. Kamat  Goa, India
374.Aftab Taiyab Not only this should be stopped but the institution/person doing the act should be severly penalized. Excellent step Dr. Joshi. Education is not businessINDIA
373.Sanjeeva Nayaka I strongly agree and support youIndia
372.Sanjeeva Nayaka I fully agree with youIndia
371.Som Kumar Sharma I strongly support this move. India
369.Dr. B. M. Khan I agreeIndia
368.Mohneet Singh Ahuja   
367.Dilip B Pancholi  India
366.Biswajit Pal  India
365.Shajil Madhavan Strongly support the petitionIndia
364.Shrikant Acharya I agreeIndia
362.Dr. Shanker Daya very good stepIndia
361.Sheri Sundeep   
360.shashikant acharya VERY HAPPY to see this happen. Also shd NOT have compulsory attendance in collegesINDIA
359.K.Rajagopal yes ,it is our time to remove curroption in higher eduindia
357.bony De Kumar  india
356.Imtiyaz Ahmed Parvez agreeIndia
355.Dr. Amod Kumar Keep it up Dr. JoshiChandigarh India
354.devendrA singh   
353.Birajdar B.G  INDIA
352.A K Raina   
351.Dilip Khankhoje  India
350.Venkatesh Nandakumar  India
349.Anuradha Dube  India
348.Sonal  India
347.Charu Sharma   
346.ABHISHEK BANIK I wish a fair education for all 
345.Jani Rashmikant A.  Gujarat, India
343.Naibedya Chattopadhyay As such education is instruction/indoctrination in India. Why one want to bribe for this sort of colonial approach to education in our free country?India
342.Rajiv  India
341.Chougule Nagesh Kallapa Stitch in time Saves Nine, Whatever u are doing is very Fine, In this mission Every Indian must Join, Because this Mother land is Mine, Politicians are spreading corruption Wine, They must be punished otherwise God is there to Fine. Thank U sir for yr Initative. India-Maharashtra-Pune
340.Suresh Lee  India
339.V.K. Jaiswal Corruption in education system is like termite attack in foundation of our democracy, let us understand the responsibility and join hands together to remove it. 
338.Saurabh Rindani  India
337.Kanika T. Bhal  India
336.A Abidi I strongly support the petitionIndia
335.Prof. A.C. Sharma noneIndia
334.Arif Kamal I strongly agreeIndia
333.Mohammad Arif   
332.ABHAYA KUMAR NAIK I strongly supportINDIA
331.Prof. R.V.Saraykar Present education system is a rotten one and needs severe reforms. Thanks for taking the initiative and best wishes. It should be made free from political influence as soon as possible.India
330.Maneet S Khurana I agreeIndia
329.Pallav Agrawal  India
328.rabin banerjee  india
327.Ashok Garai with support and good wishes for such a positive moveIndia
326.Ritesh Ritolia  India
325.PROFESSOR RAM ADHAR SINGH Congratulations for initiative India
324.Neha Kadiyan   
323.Dr. R. P. Maheshwari   
322.Kislay Srivastava I endorse the petition. There is no reason why school education in Govt recognised schools should be made compulsory. The law does not make any logical sense and it’s surprising why there is no genuine concern seen against such a law in India.India
321.Fakhra Talat Natural talent is an important thing and should be searched and supported all the times. Bribe atleast demoralizes it and at times kills it. Education and development are suffering and no one to hear their plight. Its a marvellous step, please keep it up. India (AMU)
320.Mohd Ahmadullah Farooqi A mandatory step towards a developed India.Australia (Doing PhD.,on study leave from AMU)
319.Karn Agarwal  India
318.Aftab Alam I strongly support 
315.Harpreet Singh Rekhi  India
314.Prof. Rudra Prakash Malik Bribe in education is a curse in IndiaVaranasi, India
313.K N Prudhvi Raju I fully agree with your assessment. From lower down to higher university education, there is tremendous corruption in both financial and academic aspects in India.India
312.Professor C. Haldar Let us bell the catIndia
311.Anurag Saxena   
310.A.N.Garg Why to single out Indian education. Corruption is rampant everywhere and in all walks of life. Willingly or unwillingly one can not survive without corruption and each one of us us including myself have been contributing to it. Once I asked a Canadian friend Professor of indian origin about his contribution to his motherland. He said that he has been clearing unworthy Ph. D. theses and thus helping his field in India. Less talk better it is. It requires discussion without any end to it. INDIA
309.P C Pandey AgreedIndia
308.gopal nath I am whole heartedly with the petitionIndia
307.rakesh pandey very good attempt initiated by a Brahmin.India,varanasi
306.Dr. D.K. Lobiyal Due to this corruption poors are being deprived of education. However, academically poor rich are ocupying key position by virtue of access to education.India
305.Dr. D.K. Lobiyal Due to this corruption poors are being deprived of education. However, academically poor rich are ocupying key position by virtue of access to education.India
304.V.K. Joshi I agreeIndia
303.Prof. D.M.Banerjee I strongly endorse the spirit of this petitionIndia
302.D.M.Banerjee I strongly endorse the spirit of this petitionIndia
301.Ojha S.N. I fully agree with Dr. Joshi's suggestion. The corruption is not only at school level but also in higher education. It must be hit hard India
300.Dr. Chandra K. Jaggi This is the need of hour. I wish for its success. 
299.Husain Sarkar   
298.Prof. P. C. Joshi I agree with the contents of the petition.India
297.Prof. K. Pathak To abolish the law a new system must be evolved, else more bribing by weaker home study students will damage our education control and quality 
296.Prof. A.S.Narag  India
295.n k ray  india
294.RP Singh Reforms are must to remove the corruption.India
293.Vinay  UK
292.Sanjay Agrawal definitely worthy cause and in fact much needed initiativeUK & India
291.Irishi Namboothiri  India
290.Satish Kumar To ensure authenticity of the student evaluation, the entrance test will have to be conducted in a reliable way on a large group like the JEEIndia
289.RL Dhiman   
288.Nidhi  India
287.Sandipan Bandyopadhyay  India
286.Mahesh Kumar Mishra Nice effortsINDIA
285.Dr Geetanjali Panda  India
284.Rajagopal K. Bribes only affect the hard working people. Their morale to work hard decreases if they have to pay bribes. India will be better off if bribes can be eliminated at any cost.India
283.Bansi Lal   
281.Nitin Kaistha  India
280.Bhaskar Dasgupta  India
279.C S Goswami with support and good wishes for such a positive moveKanpur India
278.Dr. D. P. Mishra   
277.Amalendu Mukherjee I fully agree with Mr.Joshi.India
276.vraj panara  usa
275.Manikandan Mathur   
274.Venimadhav  India
273.Sanjeev Kumar Srivastava  India
272.Dr.G.P.Karmakar,Indian School of Mines I strongly support this moveIndia
271.Biplab Datta  India
270.Biswajit Samanta  India
269.S. Mitra  India
267.S. Mukhopadhyay  India
265.Lekha Khare I supportIndia
264.Pranshu Khare I supportIndia
263.Shashank S Khare I supportIndia
262.Mukesh Khare I supportIndia
261.Janaki Natesan  USA
260.N.R. Natesan About time!!USA
259.Dr. Sujit Kumar Dash  India
258.pradnya M. kulkarni valid stepIndia
257.Mukesh  India
256.Prasanta Sahoo Worthwhile causeAustralia
255.ananth I fully endorse the petition. The laws in the land accelarate the growth of corruption in the system. Just like the licence raj was removed, archaic regulations need to be withdrawn to foster a market driven growth of basic sectorsIndia
254.Subramanian G.  India
253.Prabhu Ramachandran  India
252.madhavi mehta Teaching profession.united states
251.c. m. modi md  usa
250.Sanjeev Roy While the move to remove the law is commendable it should also be sustituted by a better governance structure to help prop the declining standards in education over the last few decades.Singapore
249.Amit Shiralkar  India
248.Piyush Gupta   
247.Kriti Mukhopadhyay   
245.Anil Kottantharayil  India
242.Shyam Narain Singh Should be remove admission donation or some thing elseIndia
241.M R Ravi   
239.Uday Athavankar I agreeIndia
238.T.N.Singh it is good moveindia
237.Harish R. Solanki It is a very good issue but I don’t thing by petition it will solve the problem because the person who is giving and taking bribe is amongst us only (I mean human being only). The beginning has to be by the people. This may be a first step but collectively may prove to be a giant riseIndia
236.Madhava Krishna   
235.Tarun Kant  India
234.Sudarshan Kumar Students should be given all the rights to pursue the educationIndia
233.Dr R P Pareek Corruption in India is the only reason of its backwardness 
232.Naresh K. Chandiramani I hope this petition succeeds. There is no reason why college admission should be linked to one having obtained education from a govt. recognized school. In fact if this petition succeeds there would be uniformity and transparency in the selection process, since a common entrance exam for colleges along the lines of SAT and GRE/GMAT could be adopted. India
231.moumita a nice stepINDIA
230.Dr P.K.Hari I agree with you this a big menance starts with school admissions and goes on until 12th and is sure to be rampant in other government recruitments . I can share many other instances of favours and minting money by IAS officers in disbursement of government funded Projects india
229.Mohan Gulrajani  India
228.shahnawaz kamil shaikh it is a good beginingIndia
227.A B Naik   
226.J.T. Shahu good petitionIndia
225.Kuriakose Mamkoottam  India
224.Deepa Mazumdar  India
223.Chandra Shekhar INDIA !, Now Nothing Can Stop UsIndia
222.kiran H barve  INDIA
221.Baskar S  India
220.Hemant desai Very noble effort which deserves support of all PIO.USA
219.Milind Rane  India
218.Alok Shukla All the best India
217.Gautam Mukhopadhyay   
216.Dhananjay Joshi We MUST do this IMMEDIATELYUSA
215.Ratilal Patel  USA
214.mahendra parekh  USA
213.Devang Khakhar   
212.Mahesh Raj Yes, I agreeIndia
211.Vikrant Gajjar hope that this would work...India
210.Navnit H Parekh  India
209.Gaurav D. Salunkhe GoodIndia
208.Siddharth  India
207.niraj thakkar   
206.paresh lathiya save law and save people with loving nation india
205.Nishad Virkud  Republic of India
204.Sameer Mayekar sam_mayekar@yahoo.comRepublic of India
203.Chaitali Harikumbhare  Republic of India
202.Dhaval Good work. Best of LuckIndia Republic
201.Gautam Kaji we must make our sincere effortsIndia
200.Jayant Agrawal   
199.Chirag A. Chauhan No CommentsIndia
198.Siddhi Patel   
197.Chirag No CommentsIndia
196.Dr. Ranadip K. Das It is very much necessary and this can create a revolution.India
195.rajesh shah  india
193.Kajal  India
192.Dinesh Singh Thats a good initiative 
191.Navin Mantri  India
190.Umesh Dalal  India
189.Sandeep Patel   
187.R Ramakumar  Mumbai, India
186.CONSUMER UNITY & TRUST SOCIETY (CUTS) We fully support the petitionIndia
185.Dhiren T Congratulation for this type of initiativeIndia
184.Narendra Phanse   
183.Pankaj DAREKAR  India
182.Avinash Badgujar Please stop Edu-Corruption, or it will ruin the generation...Mumbai, India
181.Mangesh Mardhekar With my bes wishes and lots moreIndia
180.Sudhir Nandgaonkar  India
178.Saravjit Singh Let us do every thing to modernise our education and train young Indians to cope with the changing environment and the the new world order. Give our children a chance. India
176.Kileen J Mahajan The current education system was designed by Britishers to provide "babu's" or clerks to run the Raj. Even though we have attained independence we still rely on old system of education. It is time to shun old systems and accept new changes. The begining has to be by the people. This may be a small step but collectively may prove to be a giant leap.India
175.alpana deshpande   
174.arijit absu   
173.N. Panigrahy I have an important issue to discuss: are we giving any importance to the right to education for a child? I remember myself, my sisters and other relatives running from pillar to post to get our wards admitted in good schools. We cannot afford too much time to teach them at home. What can be the solution then? Obviously this petition is relevant to this issue. Further, we should not ignore the people who are unable to afford the price for educatiing their wards.India
172.Prashant.B.M  India
171.Vasant Natarajan I hope this makes a mark in reducing bribes in our systemIndia
170.TS Aghora My wish is to live in a corruption free, classless and casteless society. I believe that , it is our responsibity to give good society to our future generation. Reall y a commendable effort by you. Let us all try to eradicate this menace by educating the Indian massess.India
168.M Mishra  UK
167.Nilima Gulrajani   
166.Alok Kapoor   
165.Ramesh V   
164.Rachel Hulatt   
163.ashish  india
162.Dr K.Madhavi Reddy Ban on tutions & tutorialsIndia
161.Dr. Bishnupada Dutta  India
160.M. Sabesh i support, but what next... just petition wont serve the purposeIndia
159.santanu chakraborty lost WordsIndia
158.Nachiketa  India
157.Rajiv Ranjan Singh  India
156.Laxman R.H.  India
155.Naren Sadashiv Burade Technology and automated government system help minimizing corruption. Laws are old and having loopholes which could take long to change in current indian political system. Lets decide we will not bribe for our kids as a first step to support this petition. 
154.Dr. Mukesh Kumar Rohil Very very much needed intiative, Thanks SirIndia
153.Chandana Chakrabarti  India
152.Souvik Banerjee It is very good issue. I hope for all success of this campaignIndia
151.V. K. Rao  India
150.shivashankar yes this is a good proposalIndia
149.Dr.K.C.Gummagolmath good moveIndia
148.Aradhyula Gopalam What is the starting point of corruption in India as far as Education is concerned starts from the Pre primary school when the the parents want to get rid of them and elect to attend interviews with the school admission authorities. Pay huge amounts as capitation fee or donation and finally admit them in the school . THis is a primary sources of schools to maintain their standards of elite parents. THe parents feel that admitting them will raise their position. THen the child learns how to be elite and be above the common person .It does not surprise that these children maintain a cel phone and are used to conact whom they like. Then in school they listen to the teacher if it is possible but the tution in private as the only means for them to get educated.Then finally they reach the high school parents know that their children can not score so get them the addiirtional coaching , private tution and so on and the basic creativity is gone long long ago. Then for exchange of money the quesiton papers are leakedIndia
147.Aradhyula Gopalam What is the starting point of corruption in India as far as Education is concerned starts from the Pre primary school when the the parents want to get rid of them and elect to attend interviews with the school admission authorities. Pay huge amounts as capitation fee or donation and finally admit them in the school . THis is a primary sources of schools to maintain their standards of elite parents. THe parents feel that admitting them will raise their position. THen the child learns how to be elite and be above the common person .It does not surprise that these children maintain a cel phone and are used to conact whom they like. Then in school they listen to the teacher if it is possible but the tution in private as the only means for them to get educated.Then finally they reach the high school parents know that their children can not score so get them the addiirtional coaching , private tution and so on and the basic creativity is gone long long ago. Then for exchange of money the quesiton papers are leakedIndia
146.M.Dhanasekaran  India
145.Soumen Roy  USA
142.Sayan Chakrabarti  India
141.Ramananda Chakrabarti   
140.Parvez Vora  Canada
139.S.Shaikh  India
138.Nivedita Chatterjee And excellent ideaIndia
137.B. Satpati   
136.A. Pal   
135.T. Som   
133.suhas  India
132.Sanjoy Datta I strongly support this movement against the corruption in education system in fact we should try to eradicate it from each and every sphere of life.I hope at least this dream of mine come true.India
131.Tapas Kumar Chini This is one of the good petitions circulated in the web in recent years dealing with a vital issue and I strongly support the spirit!! INDIA
130.Dr N. Naik I strongly support the petition 
129.Ganesh Ramakrishnan Great, what more can we do ? It seems push has to come to shove...INDIA
128.Nilanjan Sircar  India
127.Alokmay Datta I support this campaign. It should be extended to all walks of public life in India.India
126.Shayantani Mukherjee  India
125.Prabhat Mandal I strongly support this petitionIndia
124.D Mukhopadhyay  India
123.Krishan Kumar   
122.Sudhir Kumar The menace of corruption should be removed at the earliestIndia
121.Dr R Venkatesan a cation to note here that higher education through private colleges/universities are getting corrupted in India in recent dayas. Your opinion may be a handy tool for these people to further deteriorate school education. It is very alarming to see that large donations are being paid for technical and medical higher studies which in the mind set of people is getting regularised and started accpeting it. Further a person who do not wantto pay may be seen by others including his own family members as unfit to live in this society and ruining life of his own child.india
120.Anil Chatterji We should put all efforts to remove this practice from our societyIndia
119.Veerendra Yardi  India
118.S. Medhekar  India
117.Nusrat Rizvi  USA
116.Anju Arora  India
114.Dr.DS Hegde   
113.Shashi Bhushan Agrawal good effort, for a difficult task Ranchi INDIA
112.Ritu Agrawal Yes, someone has to take the lead ....Ranchi INDIA
111.Dr. Partha Pratim Chakraborty  India
110. Dr. Shailendra Narayan Singh I respect your feelings and I am against of bribes and corruption any where in India.India
109.Satyam Suwas  India
108.KAILASH CHANDRA DAS It is a good movement to bring a change in Indian educational system.India
107.Lingaiah N  India
106.Vijayasaradhi  India
105.Satish V. Kailas   
104.Ashok Gaur  India
103.Sandhya Koushika   
102.R. Barua  India
101.Debashis Roy There are other hidden bribes as well, of which the petitioner may not be aeare of, e.g., some teachers would not declare students have learned something unless they take special "coaching" from him/her, of course at a hefty tuition fee.India
100.Dr. Srikanth K. Iyer  India
99.Jaya Prakash Pradhan  India
98.A G Ramakrishnan   
97.Barun K Chatterjee Something should be done in this regard urgently. It is very much overdue.India
96.Monica Sharma Good work, keep it upIndia
95.Anil Kumar I agreeIndia
94.S. Shashidhara Pandit  India
93.M Surendar Reddy  INDIA, HYDERABAD
91.Samik Shome   
90.Chinmoy Kumar Panigrahi Why the people are trying to live oneday by corruption and they only to think about consequece and alertness is requredIndian
89.BR Natarajan Noble to Nobler ProfessionIndia
88.TUSAR KANTI BEHERA We should unite togather to remove corruptionIndia
87.Pankaj Mishra  USa
86.Prakash Singh   
85.Geetha Narayanaswamy The enormity of the problem came as a big shock to me..India
84.Veeramani  India
83.mamta bhushan singh good cause, commendable effortIndia
82.Amitava Chattopadhyay  Singapore
81.Govind Swarup I am also very concerned by corruptions in Govt. supported private schools. I suggest that the Management Committes of govt. aided schools should have 3 additional members (1)elected by parents of the school children by election,(2) gram panchayat chief for villages or taluka officer fin case of cities (3) a leading doctor from the area.India
80.Ashesh Dhawale  India
79.V.C Srinivas  India
78.S. Ramasesha   
76.Debnath Pal   
75.Rudra Pratap  India
74.Raghunandan  India
73.Yudhish Bribe In Education - Hinders the country's growthIndia
72.G. M. Saha  India
71.Pradipta Maji  India
70.Dipti Prasad Mukherjee  India
69.M. K. Kundu  India
67.Siddhartho Sengupta I strongly agree with this.India
66.B.Sury  India
65.Sukomal Pal I agree that there should be no place for bribery in any public affairs, not at all in education. But I cannot buy the formula of scrapping school-based education system. I have serious reservation on the theory of removing school education. If govt. doesnot spend money on education, then where it should ? Not to procure lands for industrialists, I suppose :)India
64.Sweta Srivastava  India
62.Ganesh Kumar N. We should sttempt to eliminate bribe from the entire system. But eliminating bribe from education is a good beginning. I suggest all the readers look at this web site, if you are not aware of it. This organization is working towards eliminating corruption in India with innovative ways. 
60.sudhanshu Thats a great initiative.India
59.Kiran Govekar   
58.v s kumar   
57.Ravi Chandran nayar   
56.Prof. kumar  India
55.Jayaram Kumar   
54.padmanabhan krishnaswamy   
53.Swaminathan Pillai I AgreeUS
52.Narendra Jadhav   
51.Jogesh Karecha It is a start and wishing you best of luck. I fully support your veiws for the need to remove bribery from India's all public sectors.Especially from the education sector where the future of the Nation and young genration is at stake. United Kingdom
50.vinay sharma   
49.Senthil Vaikundam  United kingdom
47.R Satish   
46.Joseph Fernandez I agree with what is stated in the petitionIndia
45.Vivek K S I completely agree with the petition; this old law does not seem relevant anymore.India
44.Syamantak Thakur  India
43.Kapil Gupta  India
41.Pavan Prabhakar  India
40.S.Krishna Hope you will succeed !India
39.Gaurav Chaudhary This must be implemented on a priority basisIndia
38.k.s.subbaraman necessaryindia
37.vijayalakshmi Absolutely right this should be done. 
36.Ramnath Narayanswamy  India
35.T.Haravardhan I support it.Indian
34.V.Geethanjali I strongly support the petition.India
33.Dr.T.Dayakara Rao  India
32.Mona I strongly support the petition!!USA
31.Chirag Patel  USA
30.Rita Ram Education is one of the first steps and very important path in each individual's life - If that begins with bribes then how one could expect positive and successful destination!!UK
29.Vipool Kalyani I strongly support this move. Bribery, corruption in the field of education is not acceptable.United Kingdom
28.Editor Newstrack India I appreciate the move but all facts should be provided in a balance manner. Transparency International does conduct survey and India topped the list as bribes giving nation but that was limited mostly to overseas business. However we do not deny that wrong practices are missing in Indian education sector.India
27.Kishor Raval I am for removing all bribes, why in education only?USA
26.B Shah Education is invaluable, so why put a value to it?UK
25.Dr. D. M. shah  UK
24.Sudhir Parikh Based upon what we have head from our relatives' kids that schools and collages, there is very minimum learning in the regular school classes and every student has to go to Tuition classes to get education and it is manifold expensive. The fee for Commerce college is around 2 to 3000 and Rs. 25000 for Tusion Class. Education system turned farce and it is pathetic. USA
23.Pancham Shukla I support the petitiopn.India/UK
22.Deepak Doshi  India
21.Ajay Shah  UK
20.Chandrakant Shah Only the rich can excel in education via bribery and that is cruelUK
18.Harshad Patel  US
17.Rekha Sharma I fully support the petitionIndia
16.Bhavesh Savla I strongly support this petition.India
15.gopal harkisandas parekh  india
14.Uttam Gajjar I strongly support the petitionSurat-India
13.sunil shah મારો સંપુર્ણ ટેકો છે.INDIA
11.uday desai Very Good Petition 
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8.Kiran Pandya I strongly support the petitionIndia
7.Suresh Jani I fully support the petitionUSA bit I am PIO
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2.vkvora2001 I support and sign the petition. We have eradicated smallpox and polio with the help of education and education only and Education will eradicate poverty and hunger from India and world. We have nothing to loss except our ignorance.Sewree West, Mumbai (India) 400015
1.Adrian Frost  Australia